Hi! I'm Andrew J. Camenga.

My personal page is here:

And, eventually you may find other endeavors located here:

Feel free to contact me by email: ajcam@ajcindustries.com. I don't respond to every email, but I do generally read every short note to me that isn't caught by spam filters.

This domain was and is the first domain I purchased. It was purchased more than 20 years ago to keep my email address steady through the years—regardless of who provided my internet access. Back in the day, especially in the rural areas where I lived, dial-up ISPs seemed to come and go every couple of years. And, they'd take my email address with them. Hence this domain.

For a while, I kept a family news and photo blog here to share information and photos with my family. But, after a while, it seemed wisest to communicate that information with them in other ways.

So, this website is a place holder. It might be repurposed in the future, but I've no plans for that now.