Andrew and Kristin were married in 2000. At roughly the same time, he began working for the Seventh Day Baptist Board of Christian Education, and she began working toward a Masters in Education and a PhD in Math at Cornell University .They enjoyed living in Bath, NY.

In 2006, she finished the PhD process and began working for Houghton College in the Math Department. That change allowed them to move from Bath to Belmont, where they live in a house that has a nice view of Philips Creek just before it reaches the Genesee River.

Their home church is the First Seventh Day Baptist Church of Genesee. The meeting house for the church is in Little Genesee, NY. While they’ve been members, the meeting house burned down and a new building has been erected in its place. About the only things that survived the fire were a few nails, some lumber, and two candelabra — which the church continues to use.

The reason for this blog, however, is that that they are expecting a baby in August 2008. The rest of the news, in a much more first person kind of telling, is available in the blog.