Four & Pre-K!

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PK 1st day smileElisa has passed two significant milestones in the past month.  She turned four a month ago and this week she started Pre-K at Genesee Valley Central School!

birthday barbieElisa celebrated her birthday with a small party in Berlin at Great-papa’s house – and Great-mama’s memorial service.  We had brownie sundaes for dessert and she got a number of games, a watch and a fairy Barbie (her one request).  We have played the games – especially Richard Scarry’s Busytown – repeatedly since Elisa is enthralled right now by any game.  The SuperWhy ABC Letter Game is also a favorite.  (Early birthday gifts of games got us through all the pre-Conference meetings two weeks prior!)

Elisa spent the next 2-3 weeks thinking about all the people she could tell she was four now.  She loved telling people in stores and at the bank as well as at school that she was four (even though she sometimes made Mommy tell).  As we got into preparations for the fall and school schedules, she planned to tell Emily (who did daycare for her the last three years) and then Annie (new daycare) – and kept repeating that they would be surprised to find out she was now four!!

Letchworth waterfall smileAs we switched into Kristin’s school schedule, Elisa seemed to get a little unsettled.  She woke up in the middle of the night multiple times for no reason we could see and got very clingy in anticipation of not seeing Mommy all day (although she was always fine when with others!).  Tuesday it turned out that Elisa had hand, foot and mouth disease – only a virus, no way to treat it, and no longer contagious once the rash appears – and of course this was the morning before Pre-K orientation!  Andrew took Elisa to Pre-K orientation and she had a great time.  The highlight was the sample bus ride!  And as the hand foot and mouth disease receded, balance returned.  She and Daddy went to Letchworth park on Labor Day and had a grand time hiking and playing on the playset.

PK 1st day school 2This week, Elisa started Pre-K on Wednesday 9/5.  Kristin came back midday from school to get Elisa on the bus, which effort failed because the bus was actually 45 minutes later than the estimate.  Kristin wasn’t that patient and thought we had missed the bus after 20 minutes and brought Elisa to school.  (This did have the nice side benefit of getting to meet the teacher and aide!)  Even with the hiccups, Elisa had a great time at pre-K and it seemed to settle her rather than tired her out.  You can also enjoy her sense of style in her choice of a first day outfit!  The second and third day have also been fine and riding the bus was exciting, though she was a little punchy at bedtime tonight!

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