Conference in West Virginia

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Noah and ElisaThis year for our denominational conference, we traveled to West Virginia and were there for 10+ days.  Along the way there, Kristin and Elisa stopped in Maryland with our friends the Kotz’ for 2 days while Andrew went on ahead for meetings.  Noah and Elisa had a delightful time, playing lots of games, playing drums and ukelele together, and just having a generally good time.  When playing hide and seek outside, Elisa signaled her location with a high pitched giggle; whenever a grown-up was seeking, Noah and Elisa hid together and Noah matched Elisa giggle for giggle.  We also went to Monocacy National Battlefield and took a walk.

fountain run out cropWe joined Andrew at West Virginia Wesleyan College on Wednesday.  Kristin and Elisa mostly hung out and played lots of games while Andrew had meetings.  Early birthday presents supplied the games – and Elisa constantly wanted to play the SuperWhy ABC Letter Game.  Another highlight was occasional runs through the water fountain on campus. Elisa got to sleep in Grandma’s room, which was very exciting.  Audra posing with overhang 2 editOn Friday, we went with our friends the Pethtels to Audra State Park and walked along an interesting rock overhang and went swimming in the river. 

At the end of the first week, Elisa came down with a bad cold and cough which made life more interesting.  Some of th enights we were up multiple times and Kristin got a little worn down.  Thankfully, she was usually still very positive – but much more clingy, so we didn’t take advantage of the nursery as much as we had wished!  canteloupe smileElisa did enjoy eating in the cafeteria and had her favorite people to find – not just kids and family, but also a serious crush on a college student who was in the musical group, Stained Glass.  She counted the number of times she saw him and ran up to him.

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