Mommy’s favorite summer pictures

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Especially since we haven’t been keeping up to date, some of the best pictures of the summer haven’t made it to the blog.  So as the summer is nearing an end (Kristin starts work full time  after the weekend and teaching in a week), here is a review of some of our favorite pictures and some of the stories that go with GLOVES!

Elisa had fun doing a number of things around the house this summer.  Gardening has been particularly fun and here she is reveling in her garden gloves which came from the Kotz family last Christmas.  If you look through the gallery, you can also find her putting together our new grill with Daddy.mannekin look crop

While we were waiting for the car to be serviced in June, we went and hung out in the mall.  We went up and down the escalators umpteen times in all the department stores, played on the kids playground, looked at the animals in the pet store, and had lunch at Friendly’s where the color-changing straw was an even bigger hit than the ice-cream.  But the funniest part was when she decided to treat the mannekin as a person, hold his hand, and pose with him.  This was totally her own initiative.toilet sitting crop

Elisa has become more interested in her appearance this summer – and her favorite place to look in the mirror is the downstairs half bath where the toilet is a convenient step stool.  This picture was taken by Grandma Rood when Mommy was at camp.table dancing arms up eyes closed crop

Dressing up has recently taken on more importance to Elisa.  This outfit was kindly given to her by a friend whose daughter had this costume for dance.  Elisa had fun dancing for Grandpa and Grandma Rood and playing her Dora guitar.  Most of the pictures had enough movement that they were too blurry to post!

 BZ pig hug 3 crop

One of the nice pictures from the Buffalo Zoo – you can also find pictures of her on a farm wagon and standing on top of a Fisher Price Little People.  They also had the most adorable Southdown sheep who did tricks when we were there!

Chataqua turn to front with DaddyWakonda with mommy smile crop

Here are the favorite pictures with Daddy and Mommy of the summer.  The picture with Daddy was taking at a rest area overlooking Chataqua Lake near Jamestown, NY on the way back from Minnesota this summer.  The picture with Mommy was taken at Camp Wakonda in Wisconsin as we were leaving Daddy off for SCSC training on the way to Minnesota.

working out 3

Not officially a summer picture, but still a favorite.  Elisa occasionally wants to try out our home gym.  It is always fun to see how much Elisa can do – and wants to do – to be like Mommy and Daddy.  And she certainly puts her whole self into whatever she does! RZ polar bear smileface painting final

OK – so these two pictures were in earlier blogs.  The polar bear is from Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester, NY and the face painting is from the Minnesota Children’s Museum in Rochester, MN

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