Rochester Zoo July 2012

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RZ polar bear smileWell, it has taken 6 weeks into the summer just to get back to the blog…and we’ll see how much we make up, but we’ll start by keeping up with the present!

This week, Elisa, Mommy & Grandma Rood went to the Rochester Zoo.  Grandma and Grandpa Rood were kind enough to care for Elisa while Kristin directed Junior Camp at Camp Harley Sutton and Grandma was able to stick around for another week until we head toward Conference. 

RZ turtle 1 cropElisa had a lot of fun and claims that the shows were the most fun – especially getting to watch the sea lions get fed.  For the first time, she was also interested in posing in the various photo cut outs and got to be a butterfly and safari guide and inhabit a turtle’s shell. 

RZ tiger 2RZ tiger show offOne of the most delightful pieces was Elisa’s reaction to the tiger pelt they had.  Kids were encouraged to feel the tiger fur and it was a complete pelt – tail, ears, and all the fur from the face and muzzle, too.  When Elisa realized she could open the tiger’s “mouth” she was absolutely enthralled and then shared with others. 

RZ butterflyWe ended our time with some face painting and wading in the little creek they keep to cool down.  On the way home we treated ourselves to ice cream.  Yum.

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