Thankful memories

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Blue Spring group picture 1 editThe Camenga family thanksgiving – for those that were able to make it – was celebrated in Florida again this year.  Elisa got to hang out with her triplet cousins -it was delightful to see how 3 and 4 year olds interact and were able to actually play together!

Blue Spring standing on a stump 2 editThe cousins had fun with a number of craft projects that Uncle Johnmark and Aunt Cathy superintended.  They “painted” sugar cookies, made hand and feet turkeys, and colored squirrel namecards for Thanksgiving dinner.  (After this, Elisa got a pair of scissors and it has been the delight of her life – she wants to cut paper at least once a day and cuts open her fruit snacks and anything else she can come up with an excuse to cut!)

sand pit hairdos again editWe also made good use of Grandpa John and Grandma Lin’s South Daytona backyard, blowing bubbles, bouncing on bouncy balls and digging in a pile of sand.  A pile of sand + scoops + 4 preschoolers = an hour and a lot of grit. 

Singing in a circleThe cousins also had a great time with puzzles, coloring, reading books (the same 2-3 over and over), running their new Hex bugs in a duplo habitat, and playing with their other new toys.  playground Elisa trying monkey barsWe did go to a playground once and the kids enjoyed the exercise (and you’ve got to love Elisa’s sense of color).  Andrew also led a mini-preschool class one night – he was supposedly trying to calm them down after they had climbed all over him and been riled up, but I don’t know how calming the Birdie song is when all the birdies wake up…

Even after all the eating, we did get out of the house a couple times.  We all trekked to Blue Spring and had a great time walking, talking, and scouting manatees.  beach family 2Mommy, Daddy and Elisa took in the beach on Sabbath afternoon – 70s and sunny in late November – so Elisa could play in the waves and the sand.

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