Preparing for Christmas

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purple clothes editElisa continues to grow in independence and spunk.  It turns out that a 3 year old serves as an external conscience.  When Christmas shopping earlier this week, we went from store to store a number of times.  Once, Mommy was buckling her seatbelt as Daddy backed out and Elisa asked “Daddy, why did you drive when Mommy didn’t have her seatbelt buckled?”  After explaining that perhaps Daddy needed to be more patient before driving off, we were admonished “Why don’t you try that next time?”  Yikes!

When asked at preschool what she would give baby Jesus as a gift, she said “Kleenex, shoes, and toilet paper.”  I guess she gets some practicality from her parents: winter is a good time for Kleenex and TP is often the backup for Kleenex.  I don’t know why the shoes…

Elisa in leavesOne of Elisa’s common statements on the way to church is that we are going through “Choo-choo.”  Apparently this is a place in Elisa’s imagination that moves at her whim.  This week we were told that Choo-choo is on the way to Bolivar – and in Bolivar – in consecutive breaths.  In the past, it has popped up in the middle of different towns or even in the middle of nowhere.

With the excitement of Christmas building, some extra trips for shopping and Mommy and Daddy home for a few days, she has also been avoiding naps like the plague.  When she got up this morning, Mommy asked if she had slept well, to which she replied “Yes, so I don’t need a nap this afternoon.”  And yes, she did avoid taking a nap even though she spent 90 minutes in her room for a “rest time.”  Her rest time included singing, putting Baby Vicks all over her belly (she actually likes it!) and turning on her dustbuster while others were trying to sleep. 

sunflower plants pose zoomElisa has also started being a big help this Christmas.  She helped me make cookies – rolling peanut butter blossoms in sugar, adding red hots to cornflake wreaths, cutting out and adding candies to gingerbread.  Most times, she ran out of steam before the job was done, but she actually did speed up the process when she was engaged!  She also helped clean bathrooms by being the paper towel dispenser and wiping down mirrors.  Elisa also inspired the putting up of the Christmas tree this year – which we had avoided doing since we moved to Belmont.  Maybe that added to the workload, but it has been a delight to have Elisa fully engaged in the process of Christmas this year!

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