Fish Tank

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fish tank fish watching 2 ediElisa’s big gift for her 3rd birthday was setting up Mommy’s old fish tank – new gravel, new plants, and of course, new fish.  She helped pick out the gravel (perhaps more colorful than Mommy and Daddy would have selected), chose some colored gems to add, and picked a treasure chest and plants.  She helped add the gravel to the tank, sprinkled the gems in and waited patiently for 1-2 days while the water settled.  fish tank gems 1 crop

Then she went with us to pick up the fish.  We got four goldfish of different shades and colors and after they acclimated to the tank, helped Daddy dump them in.  Then we named the fish: Moonlight is the mostly white one, Splotch the red-orange one with the red belly, Goldilocks the slightly darkerorange one (hidden in the picture), and the lighter orange is Canteloupe (Elisa’s favorite fruit.)  The naming was done with Mommy and Daddy suggesting names and Elisa approving or choosing among a few – now, a few months later, Elisa may have had a more active role!

fish tank four fish 3Every day (almost), Elisa helps feed the fish.  In fact – she is the one who usually remembers to feed the fish because as she sits at the breakfast table she sees the fish tank straight ahead.  She gets to choose between pellets and flakes on most days, puts the right amount (as judged by Mommy) in the lid, and then dumps it in.  On Sabbaths, the goldfish get shrimp.  And of course, sometimes Elisa reads to the fish.

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