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face smileElisa has really become much more of a planner and preparer in having fun, and while much of this is copied, she is also adding her own ideas!

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Earlier this week, Andrew was doing one of the standard “magic tricks” for children: guess which hand the ball is in!  Of course, Daddy was mixing it up by trying to switch hands with the ball between choices or put it in a pocket and have nothing in his hands. waterfall stick dance crop Elisa was ecstatic about this, giggling and enjoying it wholeheartedly.  She wanted to return the joy and started holding the ball and asking us to guess which hand the ball was in.  Of course, the ball was a 1.5 in superball and there was no way she could hold it in her hand without us seeing it!  But she asked with such delight!

Also this week, when Daddy went to change the vaccuum cleaner bag, Elisa stood nearby and said “There’s something in there” just as Daddy found a cat ball that she put in there, perhaps days previous.  Then with dead pan she added “ha ha” at which point Mommy and Daddy lost it.

face mouth wide open

On Monday, Elisa’s preschool teacher was ill and all the kids were asked for advice for how she should get better and a big card was made up with all their advice.  Elisa’s advice was “Go to the doctor and wait for the doctor. Stand on your head. It hurts a lot.  That’s how I do it.”  Even if the advice isn’t sound medically, I’m sure it made her teacher laugh!

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