Great Literature

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Last week, Elisa decided to read a book to the fish.  Her story was as follows:

Jesus was a little baby. (1)  All the children screamed and cried. (2)  One fell off and bumped his head.  Mommy called the doctor and the doctor said.  No more monkeys jumping on the bed. (3)


(1) A more obvious reference – it is good to know she is taking some of it in!

(2) A reference to the song from Grandpa John that Daddy regularly sings with her: A happy hippopotamus took a ride upon a bus. All the people screamed and cried: He’s squashing us, squashing us, squashing us.

(3) Elisa loves all the little monkeys jumping on the bed!

And doesn’t the fact I have to annotate her story mean that it is great literature?

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