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conference dress coquette cropAt Conference, Elisa got to spend time with 4 of her cousins – all those nearest her age – but Mommy didn’t take any pictures except on Sabbath.  Jonah, Cate, Eve, and Donovan were all regularly in the Nursery (“the Living Room” to Elisa – apparently that is where toys are).  They had much fun together.  One afternoon, Mommy played hooky and took Elisa to play with Uncle Jeff, Aunt Heather, Donovan and Brian & Kristi at Lake Michigan.  Elisa had a blast out in the waves (pictures later).

family 5We also had the full Rood side together at Conference for a few days and took the opportunity to get some great family pictures – which Uncle Jeff took.  (Shout out to Rob Appel – “Rob is a turkey” is a much better photo phrase than “cheese” because it is conducive to proper picture smiling!  Despite the danger, we’ve adapted to “Mom is a …” and “Dad is a…” and we have better picture smiles.  However, she still doesn’t stand still for the pictures!)  Check out the whole sequence of pictures in the Photo Albums to see Elisa ham it up.

bakery set with DonovanElisa got a few of her birthday presents before the end of Conference since we left on her birthday.  One of the favorite gifts was a bakery set from Grandma and Grandpa Rood.  She played with it 45 minutes on Sabbath until interrupted and through much of the packing the next morning.  Donovan also joined in the fun and so all parents were relieved while packing!

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