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playset belly swingOver the 4th of July weekend we finally built the playset for Elisa that we had bought in May.  It was a two day process, taking almost all of Friday and Sunday, as well as significant amounts of sunscreen and liquids.  playset building wall 2Elisa enjoyed being part of the building process – sometimes.  She enjoyed climbing the ladders, carrying pieces of wood, holding pieces for Daddy, and then going inside when she got bored. 

playset slide no handsAs we finished parts of the playset, she immediately started playing with them – getting up on the playset, climbing the rock wall, going down the slide.  In the week since, she has regularly played with the playset and we’ve had friends and family come over to enjoy it with us.  playset glider 5The glider is probably her favorite and she does a good job of getting it going, although she also really enjoys swinging on her belly!  Mommy and Daddy are enjoying having a playset nearby for Elisa to use multiple times a day.

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