A Few Unexpected Incidents

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green sundress closeupbanjo strumming cropElisa continues to develop her imagination and has shown that she has definite logic to what she says – just not what we would expect!  It is a delight to see her ideas be expressed and to get a picture of her thoughts (even if we can’t usually follow them!)

A few weeks ago, she brought her plastic train track from the Lincoln Logs and put together some pieces on the kitchen floor.  After a significant amount of activity, she explained she was making banjos.  (Daddy’s favorite instrument is a banjo, but it isn’t like he talks about it often!)  After supper, Daddy and Mommy were invited to play the banjos – she had made one for each of us and assigned them to us.  We sat down to play the banjos (each 3-4 pieces of track in a wiggle) only to be admonished that we needed to use a pick – another piece of track for each of us.  Daddy got a bonus – his banjo was made using the large piece of track that made up half the bridge of the track and the second half of the bridge was his pick.  Mommy and Daddy had a very hard time keeping straight faces.banjos with Daddy

For a few months, Elisa has been saying “Bless you, Mommy!” or similar when someone sneezed.  In her 2-year old logic, when she sneezes she says “Bless you, me!”

A couple days ago we were in Walmart and as we checked out, Elisa gave Mommy a BIG hug.  While she was cuddling, Mommy sang “I got you, babe…” to which Elisa responded “My Elisa Hope Camenga.  My not Babe!”  Ah the danger of a name…

chalk out the door slippersThe other day, she decided she wanted to color with chalk on the front sidewalk but she also wanted to wear her slippers.   But she knows her slippers are only for inside – not the sidewalk.  Her solution to this dilemma was to lie on the floor inside and reach down to color.

kite holding cropElisa’s regular evening prayer starts with some variation of “Thank you God for mommies and daddies and Elisas Hope Camengas” (note the inconsistent plurals) and recently has continued with “and for shopping carts and shopping.”  One night we even got to thank God for “shopping stores.”  She is also not afraid of repetition.  Tonight she thanked God “for Grandmas and Grandpas and Grandma Lin and Grandmas and Grandpas and Grandpa John and Grandma Lin and Grandpa John and Grandma Lin and Grandpa John.”  It is good to know she loves her family!

Yesterday we were at the park, where there is a play fire truck with side by side steering wheels (so Mommy can drive along with her) and a variety of ways to climb on it.  We had to drive for a while, turning left and right at Elisa’s direction, stopping frequently to hop off and then get back on to go “something else.”  sprayer faceAfter a while, we went and sat on the back fenders and Elisa read make believe books.  One was about Uncle Jeff and Aunt Heather and Donovan and began “One night…”  (I really need to start recording some of these!)  Another one was basically reciting “The Sabbath’s Here.”  Then we had to drive the truck again to go somewhere else to get more books – for which she ran across the park.   Only then could we leave the park.

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  1. Tabatha

    June 17, 2011

    LOL! Oh I can’t wait to see her and you again soon. I wonder if she and Addie will still enjoy each other as much as last year.

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