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trike outside smileOn Tuesday, Elisa’s first tricycle arrived.  To say she was ecstatic would be an understatement.  We came back from the library where we had crashed story time for 2 & 3 year olds (who knew that parents signed up for a 12 week session, where each week there was a 45 minute time of books, songs, marching, snack, craft, etc.?)  to find the tricycle box inside the door.  Elisa wanted to put it together immediately, but Mommy wanted to wait for Daddy and refused to open the box.  Elisa went back to that box multiple times before Daddy came home (and stayed in her room for 2 hours without a nap) and when Daddy did arrive, met him at the door and took him straight to the box.  The trike was easier than Mommy had expected, so Daddy had it together before he had been home for 30 minutes and dinner was a hard sell.  That night we picked up a helmet and bike pump – we didn’t dare delay!

trike outside closeup sideMommy and Daddy have been eyeing tricycles since Elisa turned 2 – but decided not to do anything about it last August since there was so little time left to ride outside.  And then as we looked over the winter, we wondered if we had missed the window since so many trikes were rated only until 3 years old.  But we found one – and it wouldn’t have worked last year anyway since her feet barely hit the pedals on the closest setting (and the trike is supposed to work for kids 9 inches shorter than she is…)  Elisa chose the blue over red and  talked about her “bike” until it arrived.  Thank goodness for 2-day delivery!

Elisa has ridden the trike multiple times a day this week – both inside when trike inside above cropraining and outside on the deck (thank goodness for a larger deck!)  Mommy has gotten cold a number of times in our low 40s and windy weather as Elisa rode around the deck.  Even though her feet hit the pedals and she has pedaled a little, she fits pushing with her feet much more effective.  She has also enjoyed the helmet, which is usually referred to as a “bicycle head.”

Of course, Elisa has shared her trike with her other toys (I don’t know if she would share with other people!)  The moose has had the opportunity to ride on the back, in the seat, in front of Elisa, and well…falling off.  It has been good to break the tricycle in while Mommy is home on break and there are more opportunities to ride it!trike outside moose ridingtrike outside moose upfront 4 croptrike outside moose 3trike outside moose up front

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