E is for Elisa

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letters in bath Elisa laugh cropElisa has started to learn some of her letters – beginning with E.  Of course, it isn’t surprising that she would learn the starting letter of her name first!  But she has identified very strongly with “her” letter.  First she would see an E at the beginning of words – especially when it was red since her bath letters have a red E – and declare that it was her name and we would try to convince her that Exit or Emily wasn’t her name.  She now notices capital E in the middle of words and any color and declares it is her name – apparently all she needs is the E.

She’s been pretty solid on the E for a couple weeks and has occasionally shown some recognition of other letters – O since she likes ovals, K because Mommy said it was for her name.  A week ago we had a break through when Elisa took her letters to daycare.  barrette ponytail itsy bitsyOn the way, she was playing with her letters and holding them up for Mommy to look at in the rear view mirror.  At one point she held up the B and Mommy said that B was for Brandon.  It stuck.  She has remembered it ever since, recognizing the letter in various places.

It then occurred to us that Elisa finds people the best motivation to learn her letters.  I started telling her different letters and people she knew whose names begin with their letters.  One morning I told her S was for Sophia, one of her mates at daycare and she clearly registered it with me writing with my finger and telling her the color of the letter in her set even though I didn’t have the letters with me to show her.  puddle preparedness(It is the only purple letter.) Wednesday night, without any further reinforcement we know of, Elisa pointed to T (the only pink letter) and said it was for Sophia, Daddy corrected it to the S and she remembered that immediately tonight when I took out the S.

We went on to other letters and she was able to remember which people 4-5 new letters corresponded  to when asked a couple minutes later and some of the letter names.  (When we got to J for Uncle Jeff she was so excited that she threw her hands up in the air and screamed with happiness.)  It appears that Elisa’s early exclamations of “people!” continue to epitomize her key values.  How on earth did Andrew and Kristin end up with an extrovert?!?

Anyway, at this point, we are working on an alphabet for Elisa, with a few holes!

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  1. Queena

    August 10, 2011

    Dorie feels the same way about the letter D. “D is for Dorie” she says often.
    It hurts my heart (in a good way) to see Elisa’s pictures. She is a lovely young lady and I wish Doria and her were neighbors!

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