Dyeing eggs

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eggs colored in lap 2 cropYesterday we dyed eggs – though we don’t think of them so much as Easter eggs, it was a great activity to do while Mommy was on break.  Elisa got dolled up in her smock to stay cleanwas very patient as Mommy remembered how to dye eggs (it has probably been 20+ years…).  egg dyesElisa put the dye tablets in the glasses and we watched the dye fizz in the vinegar.  While the eggs were in the dye, we sang songs – He’s a Peach of a Savior (“the banana song”) and the Hokey Pokey (thanks to a rented video of Backyardigans).  The eggs got more colorful as we went because Mommy left them in for longer amounts of time while Elisa got distracted with other things – like eating a whole nectarine during the last set of eggs.egg stickers smile

Then Elisa got to pick which ones to put the shrink wrap on and worked on putting stickers on the eggs.  It is amazing the number of the things they have added to a standard dye kit with all the different wrappers, stickers, stands, etc.  The thing that made Mommy laugh was that the circles that are punched out of the cardboard box to form a drying tray are now called “silly circles” and it is suggested that kids can color them and string them together to make a bracelet or necklace – talk about using every part of the kit!

egg eating cropOne of the eggs cracked as we tried to put the wrapper on and Elisa started peeling it and peeled her first egg.  She then went on to eat it as soon as Mommy had washed it off (and her hands – she got a significant amount of egg as well as shell!)  She has been very excited about eating the eggs – no qualms about how pretty they are.  She ate 3 eggs yesterday and 2 today and wanted more both days.

Overall, it has been a good break – even with Elisa only taking naps every other day.  It is fun to watch how much Elisa has learned and grown and puts things together, sometimes even the first time she watches or hears a story.  She continues to learn her letters relatively quickly and is starting to learn their names as well as whose name begins with the letter.  She points out capital Es in more and more places – like in SPEED LIMIT road signs.

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