Vacation with Mommy

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jumping on the bed 3The week before last was Mommy’s mid-semester break, which meant good quality Mommy-Elisa time.  It was very well-timed since Elisa had been acting overtired and throwing tantrums during the previous two weeks.  Once or twice she cried 15-20 minutes on the ride to school about things like not bringing a stuffed animal or not leaving a cloth diaper at home.  She worked herself up enough so that  she even said she didn’t want to see Emily!  Now, she was still overall pretty sweet tempered, but was choosing a few times to be inconsolable that made no sense.  She had also had 3 weekends in a row that she had decided to pull out every piece of clothing in her drawers or in her closet during her Sabbath afternoon attempt to nap.

With a break, Mommy had an opportunity to do things that couldn’t happen while school was in session.  So Monday, Mommy got her eyes checked and Elisa got to visit Pastor Pat and her parrot.  Then we went shopping.  On Tuesday, Elisa got to go with Mommy to a meeting at Houghton and then to visit a student teacher in Arcade.  Elisa was excited about being in a school and seeing school buses.  Afterward we went to McDonald’s and she got to sitting in Big Bird's nest redyedrink chocolate milk (her special treat at restaurants) and eat pancakes and parfait.  They also had an outdoor play area that they had enclosed and provided some heat to so Elisa got to play there with a number of other kids.  She wasn’t quite tall enough to go up the platforms easily on her own and fell down once.  She did end up going up again, but then at the top got upset and one of the older kids helped her down.  After that she stayed on the lower slide and went down it again and again and again, with one of the older girls playing with her.

On Wednesday, Mommy, Daddy and Elisa carousel with Mommy smiles cropwent up to the Strong Museum of Play again – or as Elisa says, we went to see the carousel.  We kept trying to convince her there was more than just the carousel and that we were going to the museum, so by the next week she told Emily that she had gone to the carousel museum!  But Elisa did get to ride the carousel twice with Mommy and the train with Mommy and Daddy.  She also enjoyed playing in the plastic sand, showing continuing coordination growth as she scooped the sand into the bucket.  She also learned a little about Tinkertoys, played Whack-A-Mole, and wandered all over the place.  Daddy crawled into Big Bird’s nest to sit with Elisa…only she changed her mind, so Daddy got to be comfortable on his own.

letters in bath Elisa laugh cropOn Thursday and Friday, we got to stay home and fingerpaint and watercolor and just be together.  Elisa got to jump on the bed – something we have stated clearly will stop by the time she is 3 – and took advantage of this multiple times a day during the week.  She also enjoyed playing with the foam letters we got on Monday, playing with them during every bath and often playing with them at other times – in the car, while we were having her sit on the potty, etc.

So overall, it was a very good vacation.  Mommy also got some rest and enjoyed time with Elisa and managed to get some work done, too – but not enough to catch up.  And Elisa has been much more emotionally balanced, with no tantrums.  She has accepted most of the times when Mommy and Daddy say that what she wants can’t happen.  So overall, she has been a delight!

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