Three quotes of a weekend

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Luke's plastic vest eyes“God hiding under the table?”

Today at lunch, Elisa led us in “Be Present at Our Table, Lord” again.  Mommy mentioned that we are asking God to be here with us in a special way and asked if Elisa thought God was with us.  She said no -with a little looking around – and Mommy said we can’t see God because He isn’t a person like we are.  At which point, Elisa asked the key question – if we can’t see God was he hiding under the table?  Mommy tried to explain at that point that we just can’t see God with our eyes the same way we can’t see the wind.  Elisa didn’t get it.  Really, not a bad question – and her reaction is probably no different that most of the crowd to Jesus explaining that the Holy Spirit is like the wind!

“Mommy no grossed anymore!”

Yesterday on the way to church, Mommy was reading a book in between talking to Elisa.  Elisa was playing her favorite game of the last few days where she says “Boo Mommy!” and Mommy responds “Ah! Elisa” (also played with Daddy or Mommy and Daddy together) and we’d gone through one round where she was taking turns with Mommy and Daddy.  Hearing a break, Mommy turned to her book and apparently was tired enough not to hear Elisa pick up the game again.  Daddy, recognizing that Elisa had said “Boo Mommy!” four times with no response, told Elisa that Mommy was engrossed in her book and Elisa tried out the new word in response.  Somewhere in there Mommy finally realized they were talking about her (there really is a need for the Sabbath!) and heard that she had missed her cue, so she said “Ah! Elisa” four times.  leopard outfit cheese cropAt that point, Elisa made her quoted statement – apparently Mommy wasn’t engrossed in her book anymore!

“Me a penguin!”

Once again this weekend, we have had the typical problems of no napping in the afternoon when we’d had car trips just before lunch that allow a short nap.  (The last few days, Elisa is very intentional about wanting to go to sleep at those times – squeezing her eyes shut and declaring that she is going to sleep.)  So yesterday, while Elisa was supposed to be napping she was trying on clothes again…at least we have gotten to not emptying the closet or drawers but just picking one outfit.  So Elisa picked a black shirt and leopard print skirt out of her closet (after having changed to pants from her dress after church on her own choice) and then needed to put on tights to go with this.  She got her pants off and got one arm out of her shirt (through the neck).  She then got the tights over each foot – over the sock on each foot – and up to her knees.  At that point, she got frustrated with her shirt and cried out and Daddy came.  At which point she told him that her tights up to her knees made her like a penguin as quoted above.  Apparently, Dick Van Dyke’s penguin performance in Mary Poppins with his pants at his ankles has made an impression!

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