First trip to Sprague’s

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maple donut smileToday was Elisa’s first trip to Sprague’s, a huge business in our area that makes maple syrup and runs a big restaurant on the property.  The restaurant also has animatronics – a raccoon that pops out of the bucket, a woodpecker that pecks, etc.  And there are lifesize stuffed bears and a moose sitting at a table.  Elisa was enthralled – and she had been so even the night before just knowing that we were going to get pancakes.  (We got a couple shouts of “Yeah – going to eat pancakes!” in the car on the way!) 

You can walk up the hill to the old sugar house (or wait and take the tractor, maple sugar housebut Elisa decided she didn’t want to!) to watch the “old fashioned” process of making maple syrup surrounded by maple steam and eat maple doughnuts that they make on site. (Their “new-fangled” maple syrup process in the main building works with reverse osmosis and processes 3200 gallons of sap an hour.)  Of course, Elisa’s favorite part of the day was probably running up and down the ramp in the sugar house and swinging on the swing in the just-above-freezing weather!

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