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rocking the baby 3For quite some time, Elisa has prayed at meals as we are sitting down and getting ready to pray “Thank you, father…” and will repeat that and occasionally has agreed to pray the prayer and ended with “Amen” (that usually takes more prompting!)  At bedtime, she has shared things (mostly people!) that she is thankful for or wants to pray for.  Tonight she put these two together for the first time: “Thank you Daddy, Thank you Grandpa, Thank you…”  I was at least interpreting the missing “for” in the formula, but who knows what a 2.5 year old is thinking!  After she had thanked God for a few people, I asked her if she was done and she said “Not yet.”  This was repeated a few more times, and when she started thanking God for Grandma and Ralph (a mate from daycare) in alternation, I did stop her.  But it was very sweet to see who is important in her life, from immediate family and caregivers, to friends at daycare and family at a distance (including many of the cousins her age.)  We hope that she begins to understand that God is the giver of all good things, including relationship.

We also seem to be making progress on counting and time understanding.  Elisa has been counting 1-2-8-9 for months now.  The first time we heard her count, she could count up to 7 or 8 and there were times last summer that she added numbers in the teens, but then she started dropping numbers.  First shmonkey PJs 3e skipped 5, then 4 and then she dropped all the numbers in the middle of the first 10!  (Mommy has been careful not to panic…=)  Recently as she has started showing more interest in sequence and letters, we have started to reiterate the importance of 3 and 4 in the sequence.  Earlier this week, she told her neighbor that she was going to be 3 her next birthday and through the week she has continued on from 3 when prompted immediately following 1 and 2 to go on to 3.  Tonight she counted 1-2-3-4 without any prompting!  So perhaps she is starting to internalize the correct sequence. 

Regarding time, she has had a clear sense of past tense, but always used the word “yesterday,” whether it was yesterday or last summer.  We made a breakthrough as she started talking about “last week” the last few days.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to use it with much more discrimination than she did “yesterday,” but she is becoming much more interested in days of the week and tracking what things happen on different days.

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