Thanksgiving in Florida

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playground triceratops looking throughbubbles Joey and Elisa 2 cropWe had a wonderful trip to Florida to be with the Camenga side of the family over Thanksgiving, even if it is most memorable for 15 of 16 of us getting the flu over a 3 day period! 

The trip began long before the flight with anticipation.  Elisa continues to grow in her story telling and part of this is thinking through sequence and looking forward to what comes next.  Mommy and Daddy have had many trips over the fall (six trips out between the two of us between mid-September and mid-November) and Elisa has clung to the word ‘trip’ to understand where Mommy or Daddy is when not at home.  (She also likes asking if we have ‘meetings’ and has her own random meetings and checks whether we will ‘eat home?’ each night as she plans out her day.)  So as we prepared for our trip, we talked about getting to go on an airplane for weeks in advance as she was kind of jealous of Mommy and Daddy getting to ride on airplanes. 

Jonah and Elisa in a binThe actual flight down and back was fine – though she avoided sleep in both directions with the excitement.  On the flight to Florida, Daddy took the brunt once Mommy got to the point of needing sleep.  She  buckled her own seatbelt on the first try without any direction and was very excited about being up in the air. 

We had a wonderful time with most of the Camenga cousins.  girls laughingBubbles, reading Grandma Camenga’s great collection of children’s books, going to the children’s/science museum, playdough, stamps and just running around were a great joy.  It was a delight to see all the cousins connect with each other and interact with them.

beach water coming!After everyone else took off, we finally got to the beach on a wonderful sunny day.  She insisted on bringing the sand toys and carrying them herself.  Elisa was ecstatic about wading in the water, screaming as the waves washed over her feet and even saying Good bye to the waves as they went out.  She had fun letting her feet sink in the sand as the waves came in and out.  We made some towers of sand which she promptly destroyed and Daddy scooped out sand to make a pile and demonstrated what happened to both the hole and the pile as the waves came in.  She also went to go watch the seagulls and acted like a bird herself.



beach holding shovel

beach flapping 6












Later that afternoon, we went to the local playground and Elisa had a grand time.  We ended our trip with lunch at Grandma and Grandpa Camenga’s the next day and then traveled to the airporplayground merry go round surpriset.



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