Blue socks, no Mommy day

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blue slide climbing upFor the last two weeks, Elisa has been naming days based on various qualities – mostly based on who she sees.  Most days are ‘Emily day’ since Emily does day-care and some days are ‘Patty day’ or ‘Pastor Pat day’ in honor of Patty’s time with Elisa at church and Pastor Pat’s occasional babysitting during student observations.  Recently, it is becoming more clear that ‘day’ is “today” as she has begun commenting on ‘Mommy car home day’ or ‘Daddy no eat home day.’ The most creative was when Mommy was away for two days on a trip, Elisa declared it a ‘blue-socks-no-Mommy-day’ as she was getting dressed. 

9.19.10 plastic sand cropWhile Kristin was gone, Andrew took Elisa to the Strong National Museum of Play again.  Since we have been there a few times, Elisa has learning the territory and decided her favorites.  She would announce what she wanted to play with and then take off to get there.  And of course her favorite is the carousel – and she announced to various people in the pre-museum shopping trip that she would be going round and round on the carousel. 

meatball enjoymentMost delightful, though, is the story of the chickens.  On the way to Rochester, they took a back road that Elisa has only been on once or twice and passed a chicken coop.  Andrew asked Elisa if she had seen the chickens and she said no and was very interested in seeing them.  Andrew told her that if she was awake on the way home they would stop and see the chickens.  On the way home, Elisa woke up just after they had passed the chickens, looked out the window and, apparently recognizing the place, immediately called for ‘chickens.’ So Andrew turned around and let Elisa look at the chickens.  orange 'hat'A few days later, Elisa was riding in the car with Kristin on the way back from school and started ‘See chickens ye-terday.’  As we went on, she added ‘in Daddy car’ and ‘my wake up.’  Thankfully, Kristin knew the story!

Elisa has reached a new stage with dressing up as well.  Beyond her longterm fascination with hats formed from any nearby toy, she has started dressing up her stuffed animals and dolls.  This is a stark change from even late summer, when she only wanted to undress her toys and would even get horribly upset when she couldn’t get the clothes off.  Most interestingly, she wants to share clothes with her dolls.  Multiple times she has gone up to her room, pulled an outfit or two out of her dresser, and static bottom of slide blinkbrought the clothes down to dress the dolls.  We’re still at the stage where Mommy and Daddy have to help dress the animals, though!  Once she decided that she had to wear the shirt that she had recently taken off the monkey.

So far the ride of parenthood,even when a bit hair-raising, is a true delight and we are amazed more everyday at the gift God has given us in Elisa!

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  1. Grace

    October 2, 2010

    She needs to come see Uncle Rick’s and my chickens. We let them roam in the back yard sometimes. I bet she would love it!

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