ABCs and Dressing up

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vest and boots kneeling smileElisa has finally turned the corner from taking clothes off to putting them on.  She has dressed up her dolls and stuffed animals frequently over the last two months, often pulling out an outfit  from her dresser.  Most amazing is that she is picking outfits that go together.  The end result is that she is much more interested in picking out her own clothes as well. First she wanted to wear shorts and a T-shirt on a cold day – which Daddy effectively overcame using an undershirt and tights.  With the change of seasons (and the arrival of more wonderful hand-me-downs!), new clothes have been put in her drawers and she has been going through them systematically this week. 

dress up spring in winter 2Three weeks ago, Elisa came home singing the full ABCs.  She had been singing pieces of them with us for quite some time and had the habit of singing while she washed her hands after going potty.  But on Friday, October 1, she refused to let Mommy sing along and went on to sing the whole thing.  She knew she should be proud of herself and the next day sang for everyone at our church Association.  Since she usually refuses to sing for company, this was an exciting change!  It has continued to get much clearer, although L-M-N-O still has a letter or two get skipped and she has invented “double x.”

vest and boots display redeyeElisa has also developed the habit of wanting to sit by herself in a chair when she is sad or upset – basically an emotional time-out.  Since discovering this, crying fits are much shorter.  Earlier in the week, Elisa was crying for an unknown reason in the car (after repeating something over and over which Mommy couldn’t understand). Mommy asked after a bit whether she felt better now and when Elisa finally stopped crying, she said perfectly calmly “I feel better now.”  Today, Elisa had hurt herself and climbed into a rocking chair to calm down.  She hit herself on the way out of the chair, so she insisted on climbing back in again.  So while there are many frustrating times – especially when she can’t make herself understood – Elisa is really doing quite well.

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