First Haircut!

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haircut backOn August 27, 2010, Elisa had her first haircut.  It was really only a trim – straightening the bangs and the back of the hair.  Katie, the daughter of our neighbors, cut her hair in our neighbor’s kitchen with Elisa standing some of the time and sitting on a stool the rest.

Knowing the fear that some kids have with haircuts, we had been building up to this for a while.  Elisa went with Mommy for a haircut in the spring.  At first, there was a great cry until Elisa realized that Mommy wasn’t being hurt by the scissors – the hair didn’t feel it.  As we’ve gotten to the end of the summer, we have mentioned haircuts a number of times and Elisa started to internalize it.  haircut Katie combing bangsA few times she said “haircut” out of the blue, whether at home or traveling in the car.  In fact, she started looking forward to it and when we actually scheduled the haircut, she talked about it excitedly.

So it wasn’t that surprising that Elisa made no demur at having her hair cut.  There were still plenty of problems with keeping her facing the same direction instead of being distracted by the dog walking by or trying to see what Katie was doing behind her head.  But she really did a great job overall – and the haircut was timed to be just before her 2 year pictures!

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