Elisa’s world of pretend

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cooking cow and bearEven as Elisa’s vocabulary is growing daily and amazing us, sometimes the way she puts ideas together is even more astounding.   One day she decided to use her playhouse saucepan to cook some of her Fisher Price animals and we have seen this regularly repeated.  She started off with a cow and a bear and does seem to favor cows.  However, she has occasionally put some of the people in and we have worked to dissuade her of that…  The other night when setting the table, she placed a Fisher Price figure on each place.

bubbles washing dishes from side editShe also believes in bathing her Fisher Price animals.  One day she was asking for water and we gave her a small glass, only to find out she wanted it to put in her playhouse sink and wash her animals.  Since then, we have had her bathe them in the glass or let her wash them in the sink.  She loves playing with bubbles in the sink and making them go “round and round” and this has become a favorite way to amuse herself when Mommy or Daddy needs to work in the kitchen.  She also likes feeling helpful in “washing” some of the dishes.

fly swatter swatter 2When we came home from Conference, our catsitters had also fought a fly invasion and had bought some bright colored fly swatters shaped like hands which Elisa immediately took to (especially the green one).  A few days in, she finally started to take in the words we were using: fly swatter.  As she put the ideas together and repeated it, she immediately took the fly swatter to the bug she had made while camping and swatted it.  She was very proud of herself and knew that she had put the ideas together.  We had to get her to recreate this for the camera because it all happened so quickly.

playdough pie 2As we have continued to pull out the playdough from time to time, we’ve gotten more creative.  Elisa will ask for balls or cubes and take them and immediately smush them into a pile.  This day, Elisa had decided to make a pie from all her balls and cubes.  We frequently make playdough-men, a la snowmen.  At this point, after we stack the balls, Elisa will direct what we need to add.  A standard is the hat and eyes.  However, sometimes we are asked for scarves and belly buttons and feet. 

It is fun to watch Elisa grow and expand and add her own personality and ideas to her toys!  I’m sure her imagination will continue to surprise us.

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  1. Grace

    September 19, 2010

    I love her playdough pie! Sounds like she has a lot of fun and keeps you busy. I absolutely love this age of pretend. Enjoy!

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