Traveling to Berlin

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swinging lookAfter coming back to New York with Grandma, we had three days in Belmont before heading on to Berlin to see Great-Mama and Great-Papa on the family farm.  At Great-Mama and Great-Papa’s, Elisa settled in pretty quickly, finding the toys around the house.  She quickly started to call for ‘Papa’ and ‘Mama,’ and liked laughing at Great-Papa.riding Grandma 2 edited 

We found one of Grandma’s favorite puzzles which had to do with numbers and Elisa enjoyed doing that puzzle – or having other people do much of it for her.  We found out that she does know many of her numbers – counting up to 10 a couple times correctly.  Of course, she is counting up to 10 while trying to count smaller numbers of things; one-to-one correspondence is still missing.  (At home, she was counting our three church plates and made it to seven.)  In the process of playing with the puzzles, Elisa climbed on Grandma’s back.  She also pulled on Grandma’s hair – she has a trick of twirling her fingers in someone’s hair and pulling.  Elisa, Seth and EllieShe even does this to herself and repeats it, even though she says “Ow.”

We also got to see second-cousin Ellie (Elizabeth Joy) who is about two months younger than Elisa (Elisa Hope).  While two almost-2-year-olds are not necessarily the best companions, they got on reasonably: Ellie would occasionally scream when Elisa got in her space and Elisa was entirely unaware that she was in Ellie’s space even after the scream and so things stayed calm.   Still, they got to watch the 4th of July parade together, side-by-side and each enjoying lollipops.  Elisa and Ellie tea partyThen at the family 4th of July picnic, cousin Seth pulled them in a wagon and they played with cups and saucers.  They also got to play in the water with all Ellie’s older brothers a couple days later.  Elisa got to borrow one of Ellie’s swim suits and they played with toys out of buckets of water.  She tried drinking from the hose and then Ellie and Elisa got to share a small pool, which Elisa kept getting in and out of and Ellie just stayed in.

pool Ellie and ElisaWe headed back home after 4 days, having really enjoyed seeing so many members of the family.



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