Nursery at Conference

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nursery in box cropIt is an amazing thing to have 7-10 two and three year olds hanging on your every word and action, waiting for you to make their morning fun.  You’d think such an experience might drive either Andrew or me (Kristin) crazy – but we both put in our time and largely enjoyed it, thanks to some other wonderful friends and parents who were helping out!  You can learn a lot by watching a group of similar age – and some things are easier to do in a group!  So we got to do things with Elisa we can’t normally do on our own.  It was particularly fun as our triplet nieces and nephew were also in the nursery as well as kids of a number of friends – almost all pastor’s kids!  

Andrew started the fun by building a doorway of big cardboard blocks (a little bit of the Physics background coming through!).  Every child insisted on crawling through that doorway, even as the blocks were falling down on them. 

nursery snack timeTime in the nursery always included a snack and thankfully the group was small enough that we could contain them in one place.  So there was a nice line up of kids.

Elisa got to make a penguin finger puppet.  We still have the puppet at home, even though an eye and the belly have been glued back on and the nose needs to be glued on…Elisa will request Mommy to make it sing.  Elisa also liked to hide in the toy bin once all the toys were out.  Her cousin Jonah joined her at least once!

Kristin came into the act with songs.  Who knew all those VBS and camp songs would come in so handy as a parent?  They particularly loved Deep and Wide and Only a Boy Named nursery in box with Jonah side cropDavid…especially the part where the giant falls down.  One enthusiastic 3-year old liked jumping on Kristin after she fell down!  She also led a follow the leader episode that was much more blob-like than linear – who wants to be behind someone else? 

Kristin also discovered the group mentality of reading to this age group.  She started reading a book and suddenly had 3 kids on her lap (Elisa was having jealousy issues) and 4 or 5 standing around her!

Perhaps most interesting is how 2 and 3 year olds play hide and seek!  This was Sabbath morning, so Grandma and Kristin were in the nursery and they took turns counting.  The other person helped the kids hide (especially the 2 year olds).  Their hiding spots were often in a corner or under chairs – they wanted to see the action while hiding.  When we called “Ready or not, here I come!” a few of the kids came running at us yelling – there was no seeking involved! Overal, the nursery was a joyful part of the Conference experience.

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