Elisa’s diary: More family!

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Rood family 2After Mommy got back from her trip, it was time to celebrate Grandpa’s retirement with a part.   (Elisa thought Mommy was on a plane the whole time she was gone because they had dropped Mommy off so she could get on a ‘plane’!)  Before Mommy had made it in, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Heather had arrived from Colorado to surprise Grandpa and Uncle Phil (Grandpa’s brother) and Aunt Sheri had come in as well.  It was a full house and Jenni was very tolerant surrounded by these crazy Roods – even having Elisa and Mommy invade her room!

playground tunnel slide with JeffElisa enjoyed everyone!  She enjoyed going to the park with Uncle Jeff and Aunt Heather a couple different times.  Uncle Jeff even talked her into going down the tunnel slide, although she chickened out enough that Uncle Jeff went down after her and got slide burn.  Elisa still enjoyed it, though!  Elisa also agreed with most of the rest of the world that Uncle Jeff is really funny!  She walked along the balance beam holding Uncle Jeff and Aunt Heather’s hands and went down the dual slide in a race with Aunt Heather.  Back at Grandma and Grandpa’s, Aunt Heather was also willing to ‘bump’ down the stairs with her – Elisa bumping down stairs with Heatherhas preferred going down the stairs forward and saying ‘bump’ with each step.  In her regular way of sharing, she will very graciously insist that someone bump with her: ‘Grandma bump!’

Elisa got Aunt Sheri to chase her around the downstairs circle and very happily scream every time she was caught – she even invented a “free” space chair where she was safe.  riding Uncle Phil with Aun Sheri holdingShe got Uncle Phil to give her a horsey ride.  And I think everyone actually enjoyed it!

We had a great celebration for Grandpa, with many people from the church and community.  Elisa spent much of the time with the other kids on the playground.  The only major event was that she walked in front of a swing without looking and was promptly knocked down by someone on a swing – she just isn’t used to being at a playground with others around yet!  After a little bit of crying, everything was back to normal. 

tire swing with Jenni

Uncle Phil and Aunt Sheri left Sunday and Uncle Jeff and Aunt Heather left Monday afternoon and the house was much emptier.  Elisa still got to go to yet another playground in Dodge Center with Mommy, Jenni and Steph and enjoyed running across the swinging bridge, playing in the “cement truck” (Dodge Center is the cement truck capital of the world!), and swinging on the tire swing.  Then on Tuesday, we left with Grandma for the two day trip back to New York.

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