Elisa’s diary: Minnesota without Mommy

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jungle book with grandmaThe second week in Minnesota, Mommy went away to a workshop in Washington State and Elisa got to stay with Grandpa, Grandma and Jenni for five days.  Grandma and Elisa dropped Mommy off at the airport first thing Monday morning and got a parfait at McDonald’s on the way home.

Later that day, Grandma took Elisa to her first swimming lesson.  They got to go to a swimming lesson every day of the week.  They got to blow “bubbles to Motorboat, motorboat goes so slow…” and Elisa practiced floating and kicking.  Elisa also got to jump into the pool into Grandma’s arms.  Even though Elisa seemed to want to get out every time she got in, they seemed to enjoy it. 

 pool laughing BWpool blowing bbbles croppool kicking

library coloringOn Tuesday, Elisa and Grandma went to the library for story hour and Elisa discovered that she loved glue sticks.  She colored sea animals and then glued them onto the main page.

playdough lookingJenni came through again with her special playdough and Elisa went right to it, using cookie cutters to cut out different playdough shapes.

One day at lunch Elisa caught everyone’s attention when she quite plainly said “booger” and followed it up with corresponding action.  Since Mommy and Daddy don’t use that word and we had never heard it before, we have no idea how long she was storing up that word!

train trucks showing GrandpaElisa continued to help Grandpa with his trains.  Sometimes she acts like she knows more about what is going on than the adults!

Mommy and Elisa talked every day on the phone – usually only “Hi” and “bye” and occasionally another word or two.  Overall, Elisa seemed very happy and stable even though Mommy and Daddy weren’t there.  Mommy got back Friday night after Elisa was in bed…so it was a very happy Sabbath morning to find Mommy again!

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