Elisa’s diary: Minnesota week 1

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Monday, June 14th

corn on the cob 2 cropToday I got to be at Grandma and Grandpa’s house the whole day!!  Mommy got me up in the morning and we had eggs with Grandma and Grandpa showed me the train again.  It is so cool!  Unfortunately, it was raining all day and so I had to stay inside.  But Grandpa and Grandma have lots of cool stuff!  I got to ride the truck Grandpa put together for me and put the animals through the holes on it.

Early on I went upstairs and looked for ‘Jen-ni.’ She is lots of fun!!  She knows just what I like.  Grandma also brought me a book that has my own music player and I listened to a lot of music and danced.  Mommy and I went downstairs and upstairs and upstairs and downstairs looking around for ‘people’ as everyone was getting ready for the day.  Grandma went away for a little while, then Grandpa and Jenni left and I missed everyone.  Thankfully Grandma came back quickly.  Grandpa showed me the train again, too!

The best part of the day was that I got corn on the cob for supper!  Mommy didn’t think I could eat it, but then she said I did almost as well at eating it as she did.  I ate the ends off two ears, even though the corn cob holder kept coming out of the end and I ate a little of the cob before Mommy stopped me.

Tuesday, June 15th

playground climbing rainbow bridgeThis morning Grandma and Mommy and I went shopping.  We got me pajamas and chocolate to eat each afternoon.  Mommy got a lot of stuff, too and I got kind of bored.  We also got some strawberries and pears to eat  – they look yummy!  I also got to meet the people Grandma works with at Huntington.  We went to Fazoli’s for lunch, but I didn’t want the noodles and breadsticks…I just wasn’t hungry.

After my nap, I went to the playgound at the school with Mommy and Jenni.  It is an awesome playground!  I got to climb the ladders and go down different slides.  playground getting off curvy slide with JenniJenni went down the curvy slide with me a lot of times.  I also went down a slide I don’t want to go down again, since it dropped off so quickly that I bounced on the bump and then hit my head on the way down.  Mommy and Jenni are pretty impressed by how well I climb ladders, but I want to get up the slide and I can do it myself!

I played piano with Mommy and Grandma sometimes.  I sat on the piano bench and made Mommy sit on one side and Grandma on the other side.   I asked Mommy a few times for pears, but she said they weren’t ripe and I have to wait until tomorrow. 

Wednesday, June 16th

playground climbing ladderToday is bright and sunny!  For breakfast, Mommy let me have a pear and it was yummy!!  I let Mommy have a couple pieces.  Then Mommy and Grandma and I went to Grandma’s school.  We met lots of people who made me laugh.  Karen had a giant ball that she sat on at her desk and she let me roll it back and forth with Mommy, Grandma and Shelley, who is REALLY funny!  Then I got to play in Grandma’s room, watching a video and then writing on the SMART Board as Mommy was trying to play with it.  I think Mommy got a little frustrated because what she was doing kept getting interrupted.  I also got to play with the pieces from all of Grandma’s  games.

At lunch, Grandma cut me another pear and I shared a couple pieces with Mommy and Grandma.  After lunch, Mommy, Jenni, Grandma and I went to the playground and I got to go down slides with Mommy, Jenni and Grandma!!  I even went down the curvy slide by myself and the tunnel slide with Mommy and Jenni.

For supper, we had a whole bunch of kids come over.   I guess their dad is one of Mommy’s friends from college – Jim.  Kluths watching trains 2We got to have CORN ON THE COB!!  I had a full ear and wanted more.  Then I ate my baked beans with my spoon and a little hot dog.  And lots of ice cream.  Yum.  I’d started asking for ice cream hours before supper.  After I’d gotten everything with a spoon I decided to lick the bowl.  Then I showed everyone Grandpa’s train – they all liked it as much as I do.  Then I showed them how the train choo-choos and they got into it, too.  Then we went to the playground and I got to stay up an extra half hour – even though I was a little tired trying to climb the ladders.

Thursday, June 17th

After breakfast Mommy and I went to the other park nearby, which has really nice swings.  Mommy and I went swinging and I also got to drive the firetruck with Mommy.  I went down the big slide and Grandma even visited us at the park.  Then I walked up the little slide – Mommy said it was because I was wearing better shoes.  After the park I ate 45 blueberries and Mommy said I couldn’t have any more so I had some banana.

pink toenails Jenni painting 2Mommy went to work for a while and I got to hang out with Jenni and Grandma for a while.  We watched a video and I found out I really like chex mix pretzels.  The rest of it I don’t like, so Grandma and I share since she likes everything but the pretzels.  I especially like the ‘circles’ and ask for them a lot. For lunch, Brenda came, so there are more people staying in the house!!  And I got leftover corn on the cob from last night!

In the afternoon, I watched ABCs [Here Come the ABC’s – They Might be Giants] while Jenni put ‘pink’ on my toenails.  Mommy wouldn’t get her toenails painted and that made me a little upset.  We also got to go to the playground at the school again after supper!

pink toenails closeupJust as I was about to go to bed at 7:30, a really ‘loud’ siren went off.  Grandma said it was a tornado siren, so I didn’t get to go to bed and had to go in the basement with everyone!  We watched lots of pretty colors – lots of red and yellow – on the TV screen with people talking about wind.  I got to go up and watch it ‘raining’ and ‘lightning’ with Grandpa and Mommy a couple times and then about 8:30 I got to go to bed.  But Mommy got me up again 15 minutes later and we got to crawl under the pool table!  I really wanted to keep crawling, but Mommy and Grandma made me stay under the table.  We sang lots of songs and got to make noises for lots of animals on Old MacDonald’s farm.  Finally at 9:15 I got to go to bed because the rain and the wind had slowed down.  I guess that there were some people not too far away that had big holes in their houses.

Friday, June 18th

playground on bridge with MommyMommy had to go away [to St. Olaf] this morning, so I got to go shopping with Grandma and Brenda at Sam’s.  I had fun saying hi to people and listening to Veggietales in the car and got to play with Brenda’s beanie-baby frog in the car.  I also got a cool book where the animals giggle when I tickle them.  The only bad part was that Brenda’s car doesn’t have ‘windows’ that roll down in back and I really wanted them to!

I took a short nap, even after my missed sleep the night before.  I got to come down and watch videos while Jenni and Grandma and Mommy held me.  Eventually we went and played with some cool bubble stuff that Grandma had gotten for me and made giant bubbles.  After supper we went to the playground with Mommy and I went down the tunnel slide with her again, except I got slide-burn on my knee and that really hurt.  Then I got a bath and went to sleep.

Sabbath, June 19th

bubbles expression cropBefore church, I got to watch ABC’s again!  Mommy wanted me to watch something else, but it is the best.  We went to church and Sabbath School and I got to meet lots of people, even though I was kind of tired and just happy to have Mommy hold me sometimes.   For Sabbath School, I got to play with Alyssa (Robinson) and Micaiah (Bond) and we played house and set up all the babies in chairs.

After we got home, I ate some lunch and Mommy put me down for a nap – before all the people arrived for the grown-up lunch!  But afterward, I got to go to the playground with Steph and Jenni and Mommy and went down the curvy slide a lot.  I also climbed almost every ladder – I think I’ve mastered the rainbow one!

chalk more yellow with JenniJenni made me really good bubble solution after supper and we blew lots of bubbles.  When Jenni blew the first bubbles, I backed up out of excitement and sat down in the bubble solution…that made my skort, diaper and legs all bubbly and that didn’t feel very good at first.  But we blew lots of bubbles.  Then Mommy tried to rinse off the bubble solution in the bathtub and I got to draw with chalk on the sidewalk in my pajamas with Jenni. 

Just before bedtime, Mommy found out that there was a parade starting in minutes and we rushed off with Grandma to the other park in my pajamas and no shoes.  Then nobody came for a long time, so I got to play on the swings and slide with Grandpa carrying me over the mulch.  parade Grandpa swinging smile cropI liked it when Grandpa pushed me on the swings and laughed a lot.  Other kids also were there waiting to march in the parade, so I had to wait sometimes.  Just as we were about to give up and leave, the parade came!  I guess a parade is a bunch of cars and trucks and firetrucks and people walking and handing out candy.   Mommy says I can’t have the candy until tomorrow.  Sigh.  I waved at the people on the floats in pretty dresses and the fire trucks.  I even got to shake the hand of someone running for Congress.  Then I had to go home and go to bed.parade meeting politicians

Sunday, June 20th

It started out rainy this morning, so I couldn’t go to the playground.  So I took Mommy downstairs and we watched ABCs.  We also got to give Grandpa his Father’s day cards, including one just from me that I got to color!  Then Mommy took me to church again with Grandma – I was very excited to be back in car where the windows went down!  grandpa's card coloringThere were different people this time and we went so that Mommy and Grandma could sing pretty music.  I like dancing to the song they sing together.  I said AMEN loudly to all of the prayers and even said AMEN early sometimes when the prayers were long.  I had yummy blueberries for lunch and I got to have a lollipop from my candy at the parade.  I still wanted chocolate, though! 

After my nap, we went to St. Paul to see another of Mommy’s college friends, Becky and her husband Andy.  Mommy taught me how to say both of their names before I got there, though I liked saying Becky’s name better.  We went out and had noodles, which were yummy.  Then we came back and I got to watch the kitties eat.  They didn’t really like me watching them, but Othello eventually came up to me and Mommy and let me pet him.  Then we drove home and listened to more ABCs until Mommy changed the music and told me I could go to sleep.  But I’m not ti.r..e…d….

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