Conference in Missouri

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pillows up cropWe took another cross-country trip to Springfield, Missouri for the Seventh Day Baptist General Conference.  It was a two day trip and Elisa really enjoyed the hotel in Terre Haute, Indiana on the way, playing hide and seek in the pillows.  She is certainly becoming much more flexible in traveling!  Of course, she took a long time to get to sleep!

The second day of the trip, we stopped at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.  It made a great mid-morning stop on a gorgeous day!Arch angle Elisa

Upon getting to Springfield and Evangel University, we got to see Grandma and Grandpa Rood again since Grandma had the same meetings as Daddy.  Elisa settled in right away, climbing up over the end of the dorm beds, opening drawers and finding her Pack’n’Play in the closet space.

The next day, Elisa took Grandpa and Mommy to the Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield.  We were greeted by a peacock parading in the first few feet of the main path.  Elisa got to touch a snake – she was surprisingly reticent given earlier events – and see an albino hedgehog.  She got to feed a giraffe and wanted more crackers to give him! 

giraffe feeding 1

She and Grandpa posed as various animals- and Elisa had fun roaring! 

Grandpa wolf Elisa tiger crop

Elisa also really enjoyed riding the train with Grandpa, even if she didn’t hang around with Grandpa to talk to the engineers afterward!

riding train with Grandpa edit

Thankfully, Mommy found a park nearby that we went to frequently the first week.  We went early in the morning or in the evening since temperatures were in the mid-90s with 90% humidity.  We found other places to visit that were air-conditioned – shopping, visiting the animals at the Pro-Bass shop, etc.  Throughout, Elisa was charming to everyone and was the darling of the cafeteria staff.

birthday with triplets cropThe second week many more people arrived, including a lot of family!  With all the family, we celebrated the birthdays of Elisa and her triplet cousins with ice cream cake.  We also made opportunities to spend time with Grandma Lin and other cousins at meals.

It was a busy couple of weeks, but filled with family and new friends!

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