Camping in Ohio

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ruffles braceletOn the way back from Conference, we spent 4 nights and 3 days in a cottage at a KOA in northern Ohio.  This meant that we had a long trip of 11 hours or so to get there, as well as losing an hour with the time change.  But it was worth being able to spend the full three days there!

Very quickly, Elisa learned the joy of the bunk bed in her room.  She wanted to climb up the ladder a couple times a day to be on the top bunk and wanted Mommy and Daddy up there with her.  She also figured out how to use the bottom bunk to crawl in and out of her Pack’n’Play which was right next to it.  This was the first time she had climbed in and out.  (On getting home she tried climbing out of her crib once while Mommy was watching and made no progress whatsoever.

top bunk over edgeElisa’s favorite part was probably the pool.  We went swimming 4 times over 3 days.  There was a baby pool that was about 16 feet in diameter and a foot deep as well as the standard larger pool.  We ended up with no pictures of the swimming since Elisa required full participation of the family – mommy and daddy must be in the pool, too!  Elisa had fun practicing her swimming skills, blowing bubbles, kicking, and “floating,” but mostly just had fun in the water!  We chased the swimming penguin toy, splashed, and played with the ball, even playing catch with another 2 year old once.  In the big pool she wanted to go down and touch the bottom and whenever she would close her mouth, she had fun going up and down.

We took advantage of all the activities the KOA offered. We rode on the pedal car (which turned out to be a LOT of work!) and went out on the pond in the paddle boat. 


 Daddy had carefully explained how the paddle boat worked before we rode on it and Elisa at least seemed to be attentive! 

looking at paddle wheel

 Elisa made crafts: a bead bracelet and a craft foam and pipe cleaner insect. 

bug complete crop

We used the playgrounds regularly, which included a number of unique aspects like a long slide from the top of a log “fort.”  The slides were slow enough that we encouraged Elisa to lift her hands…while she was cooperative, she didn’t quite get the look of excitement expected at amusement parks.

big slide hands up


rinsing dishes 2We had fun with making meals in the little kitchen.  Elisa got to help make chili and also helped rinse the dishes and put them in the drainer (although right after this picture, she dropped the bowl and it broke the glass in the sink…)  We also baked over a charcoal fire and popped Jiffy Pop popcorn – Elisa really likes popcorn and ate her fair share!

carousel Elisa happy scream cropOne morning it was rainy so we got away from the KOA to nearby Mansfield where they had a beautiful carousel.  Since Elisa was still officially under two years of age, she got to ride free as long as an adult paid.  So we got as many tickets as we had originally planned and Elisa got to ride 6 times in a row!  Every time she got to ride a different animal or chariot and Mommy and Daddy each got to ride once while the other stood by Elisa, though we don’t have to hold her at all.  If you can’t tell from the picture, Elisa loves her carousels!!

The last morning we went to the sandy beach and played in the sand.  Elisa helped fill the pail and pack it down, but mostly she was interested in demolishing the sand castles we made.  We were blessed by this slower pace for a few days, even if we didn’t get that much more sleep since we had a living 6 a.m. alarm clock in the next room!

sand demolition


  1. Tabatha

    September 1, 2010

    Oh she looks so cute in that outfit! Did you ever find Harold and the Purple Crayon? Let me know b/c we can get it for her.

  2. Andrew

    September 21, 2010

    Yes, we did find a copy of Harold and the Purple Crayon. I hadn’t seen it until a little over a week ago — it’s a fun little book.

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