Elisa’s Diary: The trip

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(As interpreted by Mommy from the quotes by Elisa, who is saying more and more…)

smile big mouthThursday, June 10th:

Today we packed everything in the car and left home for a long time.  Mommy and Daddy tell me we are going to see Grandma: “Gam-a!”  I’m so excited I keep shouting out her name in the car.  It got boring fast, though, so I took a nap.  Then I couldn’t sleep all afternoon I was so excited!  And none of my toys are interesting compared to seeing Grandma and Grandpa…oh, except it is fun to play with the Fridge Farm set for a while.  Mommy taught me the word ‘tail’ today and now it is much easier to get the pieces in correctly – at least Mommy can tell me when I’m wrong.

Just after supper Mommy and Daddy got a new atlas and I found some great pink sunglasses at floor level.  I got one piece of them off the rack before Mommy and Daddy saw me and then they were kind of upset.  So we brought the sunglasses up to the register in two pieces and bought them, but Mommy and Daddy haven’t let me have them yet.

We got to the motel in Elkhart, IN at night and Mommy and Daddy let me stay up late since I had a nap right before supper.  There is a neat little fridge that they put my cheese and milk into…and my chocolate.   Mommy lets me have one piece of chocolate most afternoons and it is VERY yummy.  I frequently ask for chocolate first thing in the morning and I have to WAIT!  Anyway, Mommy and Daddy went into the bathroom with their computers and left me to sleep, but I needed another diaper change so I stayed up until they came out and told me to go to sleep.

Friday, June 11thsmile looking behind

Today we kept driving.  They tell I get to see Grandma tomorrow…but that is a long time.  It was so boring I took another morning nap.  Then we went to Chicago!!  We went downtown and walked to see the fountain, but I couldn’t get in to touch it and I was hot!  We also looked at the lake.  Then we went up an elevator in a big building to find one of Mommy’s friends.  Eventually they took me to lunch and I got to eat strawberries from Daddy’s salad and some yummy bread.

Then we had to get back in the car and I took another nap.  Sometimes Mommy and Daddy would sing with me.  I really like Ho-Ho-Ho-Hosanna and sing a lot of the words.  It wasn’t too long until we got to Janesville, WI and I could meet new people at the SDB Center.  “People!”  I guess I met some of these people last August, but I don’t remember.  The best part is that Jan has LOTS of stuffed animals!  I got to play with a frog and a monkey and a lot of bears…

We went to dinner with lots of Camenga’s.  I got to play with blocks and knock them over.  Then we went to Rob and Cheri’s house to stay.  I like their kitties – Langston came and met us at the door and let me pet him.  Then Mommy and Daddy put up my bed and read to me and I got to go to sleep.  That was good!

necklacesSabbath, June 12th

Today I got to see GRANDMA!  I got up late at 6:40 and we tried to let Daddy sleep in.  Then I got yummy cereal.  Grandma is here for the same meetings as Daddy, so she was at church when we got there.  It took me a minute to remember her, but then I gave her a big hug!  Just a few minutes later, Mommy took me up for the children’s message, but I could still see Grandma.  I turned around and said “Hi Gam-a” a couple times.  I got to read some books and showed Grandma the train and the sheep and a few other things and then I got to color.  I also said “A-men” loudly every time we finished praying.

I got to eat lunch at the Lawton’s and met lots of other people that came there for lunch.  Then I got a really nice nap.  Mommy and Daddy took naps, too!  Then we went to my cousin Elizabeth’s graduation party and saw more people!  Grandma came and played with me on the swingset and there were nice people there, too.  Then Daddy and Grandma had to go to their meetings.  Sigh.  Mommy and I played in the basement and played with the kitty and then I got to read some books and go to bed.

Sunday, June 13th

Today we got to Grandma’s house!!

When I got up we went upstairs and I saw the KITTY!  I chased him down the hallway at 6:30 this morning and called after him, but Mommy called me back before I could follow him into Rob and Cheri’s bedroom!  Then I had a bowl of cereal, went outside, had another bowl of cereal, and said goodbye to Daddy as he went to meetings.

Mommy and I went “shop-ping!” and dropped off Daddy’s stuff at camp.  Then we watched a video and I had more cereal.  FINALLY Daddy and Grandma got done with their meetings and we picked them up and went to Olive Garden and had yummy breadsticks and more yummy breadsticks.  I also got to color with crayons and I got to put my crayons away in the front pocket of my bib overalls.  Then we left Daddy at camp and we won’t get to see him for two weeks.

Kluths watching trains 3Mommy and Grandma and I went to Minnesota.  We had fun singing and Mommy’s hand kept catching my snake over the back of the driver’s seat.  Along the way, we stopped to see Mommy and Grandma’s friend, Helen.  First we went to the Piggly Wiggly grocery store and Grandma bought me a ball.  Then we walked along the red line all around the store!  Finally, we went for ICE CREAM! at Culver’s.  When they wouldn’t let me have more ice cream, I pulled out my crayons from my overalls and Helen thought that was really funny.

Finally we got to Grandma and Grandpa’s house and I got to stay up late to see Grandpa’s train!  It goes all around the outside of the basement – in a “tun-nel” and then the headlight shines in the dark in the furnace room and then it comes back out!  I had fun running from place to place to watch the train.  I also got to meet Jenni, who is staying at Grandma and Grandpa’s house and seems REALLY COOL!  I like Grandma and Grandpa’s house!

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