Pigtails, potties, and people

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our starThree weeks ago, Elisa had her hair put in pigtails for the first time in honor of the math & computer science department picnic that we hosted.  She was quite enamored of her pigtails (as were her parents and the students) and for days brought the rubber bands to mommy to get her hair put in pigtails.  However, her patience with keeping them diminished to nil and for about a week she hasn’t even though about her pigtails.  Still, her hair is definitely thickening and lengthening and showing definite hints of red.

With the department picnic, we had about 25 people over and Elisa enjoyed it immensely, moving from room to room and person to person.  The picnic wrapped up shortly after she went to bed and Elisa woke up bright and early the next morning (5:30) and when we got her up at 6:30 and brought her downstairs, her first word was “people?”  She had missed them leaving and was looking for them. 

pigtails backThe day of the department picnic was also the first day Elisa wanted to get naked.  She has long taken shoes off and put them back on (less frequently – and usually after removing the socks).  This day she pulled down her jeans of her own accord and stepped out of them, a trick she has repeated a few times.  But she came to Mommy overwrought because she couldn’t get her shirt off.  We had to convince her that she needed to keep her diaper on.  We were able to convince her to put clothes back on for the party and are keeping a strict line of needing clothes on to leave the house.  Most of the time, she just wants to take off her shoes, socks and pants…and that hasn’t been too bad the last week with the colder weather!  She has also shown a couple times that she can put on her own pants – as long as she has help pulling them up the last bit.

about her business adjTwo weeks ago we did invest in a potty for Elisa.  It is still way too early, but she has friends who use the potty and it has come into her vocabulary.  The real incident that pushed us to this was that when we were in Toronto for Association, she was grabbing her diaper and heading to the changing table – once even grabbing the hand of a random teenager and taking off.  The honor of being chosen wore off quickly for the sweet teenager once she realized the destination.  We also invested in pull-ups and panties for different stages of the process (Mommy doesn’t go shopping that often) and Mommy carefully explained that the pretty panties were for when Elisa had proven she could use the potty all the time for a week.  Since that time, Elisa has pointed to the panties when she sees them and says “potty.”  Elisa has sat on the potty a few times, especially the first couple days, with us talking about taking off pants and diapers and sitting on the potty, but she hasn’t used it yet.  Mostly, we have invested in a new step stool for being able to wash hands and brush teeth.

DC vaccuuming wagon looking redeyeToday, Elisa had fun with the slides at the park.  Last fall, she had enjoyed slides and shown reasonable independence in going down them (small ones of course!)  This spring she showed great reluctance to go down them – but today we had a breakthrough.  There was another little girl modeling going down the slide, so Elisa went of her own accord and wanted Mommy to be waiting for her at the base.  Over the next 15 minutes, she moved on to sliding independently  down the straight slide – again and again – and finally moved on to the curved slide herself without anyone waiting at the bottom, which Mommy and Daddy hadn’t been able to tempt her near it.  It is amazing how quickly they can grow in confidence!

A few other facts:

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  1. Susie Bond

    May 17, 2010

    I like “Bubballoon” too and enjoy reading all your comments about your happy little girl. Fun pictures too.

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