Stickers, Dishes & Noises

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stickersonhandredeyeElisa recently discovered stickers.  We had a sheet of happy face stickers from who-knows-what that had been on the fridge and over the last week she had wanted to take them down and grab a few stickers.  Once she ended up with a few on her face – without too much help from Daddy.   Tuesday she seemed more intent on the stickers than before and started stickersonmommyputting them all over her pants.  Mommy came and sat down on the kitchen floor, too and Elisa began transferring all the stickers from her pants to Mommy’s.  She got every sticker off the sheet (with a little help from Mommy on one) and then Mommy showed her the joy of peeling off the backing and she had fun tearing it to pieces.  It certainly seemed to be an activity she enjoyed! (See the last picture!)

helpingwihdishesredeyeOn Wednesday, Elisa was very helpful in cleaning up the table.  She carried all the dishes to the dishwasher where Daddy put them in.  The only problem is that she wanted to be too thorough and picked up Daddy’s still-full glass of milk from the table and spilled some!  Paper towels came to the rescue and after most of the milk was wiped up, Elisa took over and kept wiping the chair.  She tends to be a little more thorough in cleaning than her parents, so not only the seat of the chair, but the spokes got wiped.  wipingupmilkthroughchairredeye(We’ve seen this before – once she took the dish towel from her playhouse and started cleaning around the window ledges and the door.  This is clearly not an inherited trait!)  After the chair was deemed done, she dived under the table with a cry to clean kitty.  Ink very wisely left the area quickly.

stickersjoyElisa has picked up a number of animal sounds in the last week or so.  It was rather surprising last Friday to realize how many she knew since she had never done any of them for us!  She knows that a cow says moo, a kitty says miaow (usually VERY high pitched), a dog says woof, an owl says hoo, and a lion says roar.  She has also learned this week that a monkey says he-he-he.  Of course, these sounds aren’t always consistent – sometimes the high pitched sound takes over for all the different animals and doesn’t even sound like miaow any more!

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  1. Grace

    February 13, 2010

    She’s getting so big so fast. Thanks for posting pics and stories. Wish we were closer so that we could see her more often. Give Elisa a big hug from Aunt Grace.

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