Merry Christmas!

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playhousecomeinWe had the rare chance today to celebrate Christmas by ourselves at home – most years we have been traveling ON Christmas.  It was a nice relaxing day where we could spend time with Elisa and do a few special things.

Elisa got her big Christmas gift at the beginning of the week – an open playhouse (that folds up!) with working doorbell, light, burner noises, opening shutters, letter to go in the mail box, etc.  We gave it to her early since her Grandparents Rood had contributed to the gift and we wanted to make sure she had time to get used to playing with it before they arrive this Sunday …but she playhousecookingdidn’t need any time to warm up to it!  She loves the mail slot, doorbell and light (and sometimes looks like an engineer trying to analyze the light as it turns on and off as she flips the switch).  What was unexpected  is that she already understands the idea of pretending in the kitchen – using the faucet to fill the water glass and then drinking or putting dishes on the burners. It is clear that there is much more going on her head than she can communicate!

This morning we took out the nativity scene (that hasn’t been out this Christmas since it is ceramic) and took out the pieces and used them to tell Christmasopeningguitarthe Christmas story with Elisa.  She kissed both Mary and baby Jesus.  After putting it away immediately, we opened some presents she had been sent.  She enjoyed the guitar that plays songs and went back to it intermittently throughout the day.  She also got a cute coat for when the weather is a little more mild and three books, which we read during the day.Christmasopeningbook3

She then took a nice long nap (mommy and daddy’s Christmas present), enjoyed playing in the afternoon, had another short nap, and a yummy special dinner that daddy cooked.  We ended the day with a Veggietale.

ChristmasplayingguitarWe have been blessed to enjoy the earthly family God has put us in as we remember the heavenly family that we have been invited to join, with Jesus as our older brother born so many years ago!


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