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explore-n-more-011Over the last month, we have checked out two of the area’s children’s museums, one in Buffalo and one in Rochester.  It is clear that while Elisa is not big enough for many of the activities, she is big enough to enjoy herself hugely! 

At the beginning of the month, Elisa and Daddy explore-n-more-032had a special day all to themselves while Mommy was away in Michigan giving a talk.  So they went to the Explore ‘n’ More center in Buffalo.  Elisa enjoyed sitting in the train and even came back to it (Grandpa Rood would be proud!).  She played different musical instruments, hid under the dress-up clothes, and had fun playing in the rice table!  Someone volunteered to take this picture of Elisa and Daddy in hard hats.explore-n-more-036explore-n-more-059

SMOP racing 2This last Tuesday, Andrew took a day off and we went to the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester.  It was amazing!  Elisa had fun playing for 2 hours and that was just in the first 2 of 9-10 sections of the museum!  Mommy and Daddy even had to pull her away from activities so that they could get a better sense of the museum. 

We started by watching beautiful tropical fish in a few large tanks – and Elisa kept running back and forth between the two tanks, which meant she was running across the main pathway into the museum!  Then we moved on to the section devoted to what is learned from play, both science and life lessons.  SMOPE kaleidescope walk through 4Overhead, balls rolled, giant mobiles modelled balance and there was a large kaleidoscope.  There was a mirrored and lighted section that allowed Elisa to be in a kaleidescope, musical instruments to play, a giant drum to drop plastic beads into to make different pitches of music against the different sized nails, race cars to drive or mini-ones to put on a track, fun houses that set off your sense of balance or perspective and many other things.  Elisa particularly liked driving, diving under the tongue pillow in the fish chair, and putting beads down the drum.

We went on to Sesame Street, where Elisa knocked on the door, looked at books, was on TV with Mommy and Rosita SMOP On TV with Rosita(counting in Spanish!), hid under dress-up smocks, climbed in the Muppet Taxi (to drive, of course), and played the musical pipes with a paddle.  (Mommy can’t wait until we can look up in the tree and count all the different things hidden in it!)  Elisa also got to ride the train around the track and climb in the cockpit of the plane in the next section before we grabbed a stroller and just took a tour of the rest.

SMOP striped butterflyWe did visit the butterfly garden and were the only ones there.  Besides having butterflies land on us and fly past, we also got to watch the butterflies emerging in the crysalis case and Elisa just stared!  TSMOP tortoise with Daddy and Elisahere were also turtles, coy, and a tortoise that wanted to get close to Elisa.  At that point, we were done for the day, but Elisa had really enjoyed herself and had another good nap on the way home – and slept well that night!

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