15 months!

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highchair apple grinWell, it’s been almost a month, but Elisa is 15 months old!  When the doctor’s appointment finally came, she weighed in at 24.2 lb, was 30 in. long and had a head circumference of 18 in.  And she got 4 shots…  We had actually been to the doctor 2 weeks previously (just before she was 15 months old) to see if she had an ear infection (nope) and she had stood on the scale herself!  She waved and said “bye” to the doctor after he had checked her ears and he was impressed that she did this spontaneously – after he had been concerned/surprised at 12 months when we weren’t sure she had any words yet!

toothbrushElisa has a lot of teeth at this point: 7 of 8 front teeth and all 4 molars (although one or two may not be fully through).  She is using the molars well and chomping on apples and carrots.  She “brushes her teeth” every morning while mommy dries her hair and brushes her teeth – usually biting the brush.  Then mommy helps!  She enjoys closing things – dishwashers, trash cans, the refrigerator, doors to bedrooms, etc.  Of course, she frequently traps herself inside rooms, so she has learned to knock (as well as cry) when she finds herself trapped.  She frequently picks her shoes and almost always pick a matching pair.

withmommysmilingredeyeShe is doing a good job going down stairs expeditiously on her stomach – somewhere between a slide and crawling.  We had kept the gate at the top of the stairs so she can run around upstairs without slipping down, but last weekend she turned a laundry basket upside down and climbed on top of it just a foot or so from the gate…and apparently the presence of the gate becomes more dangerous than its absence, so the gate has been removed.

newchairhappyreadingElisa enjoys reading books and recently has picked a favorite to read over and over for a day or two – lately Good Night Gorilla, The Wheels on the Bus and The Itsy Bitsy Spider.  She particularly likes books with songs – and regularly dances as we sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider to start out that book.  She will get a big smile and stand up (rather than sit on our laps) and shake her hands while holding them out in front of her to try to imitate the spider.  

We have been fighting the battle of not having her stand on chairs – she likes to stand in both her rocking chair and the new solid wood children’s chair that she was given by Ruth Bottoms, a woman in our church.  It is almost a game, with her almost sitting down and then standing back up.  She is trying to be compliant, but somehow doesn’t seem to understand this instruction.

hat holding redeyeShe has 5 words – bye, hi, ki (kitty), dog, and uh-oh.  (Uh-oh is the most popular of the five!)  She knows many more words than she can say.  When asked if she wants to go upstairs or downstairs, she will head for the stairs and start.  She also knows where to go to have a bath.  She will respond if asked if she wants to play the piano or have music, either heading for the piano or the stereo.  She started climbing up on the piano stool and has learned to play with more than the volume, so that means the music often ends pretty quickly!  However, she still loves to dance and continues to get more moves!

She is starting to come when asked (but not always) and responds to a number of requests: bringing her shoes, socks, moose, finding her sippy cup where she dropped it, etc.  She and Ink are getting along a little better.  Ink will frequently sit still while she pets (and pats) him and will even purr at times.  Of course, she hasn’t figured out hat over Elisathat Ink isn’t always in the mood, so there have been a couple minor scratches and Ink enjoys escaping down the cat door to the basement.  Elisa also enjoys throwing things through the cat door – papers, toys, anything that fits! 

Recently, Elisa starting holding our hands to pray for meals.  She will hold out her hands as we sit down to eat and after we hold her hands she bows her head – briefly!   It makes us feel like we are doing something right that she seems to have picked up this habit – and very humbled that we can be reminded by our 15 month old of how great our God is and how many reasons we have to be thankful to Him!

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