Fall break

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pianorockingchairlaughingElisa and Mommy have enjoyed the last two days of Mommy’s break while Daddy was in Wisconsin for meetings.  We’ve had more time together, with Mommy only having one student teacher observation.  So we have tried to clean a little in Elisa’s room – but that didn’t work so well since Elisa wanted to play with the clothes that Mommy was trying to pack up and put away.  We have played piano and danced to music and climbed on chairs and taken baths.  And Mommy has had more chance to take pictures of all of it!  firstsnow3

We took a trip  to Rochester, NY in order to get a minor safety recall on Mommy’s car fixed.  Before we left home, we played in the 2 inches of snow on the ground (in mid-October!) for a few moments, and Elisa was decidedly ambivalent.  She was happier once Mommy gave her a big chunk of snow, but still uncertain.  While the car was being fixed, we went to the mall across the street.  Elisa got to look at the puppies, birds, rabbits and pythons at the pet store, squealing louder than their delighted yips and stomping her feet in excitement.  We also got Elisa outfitted for the winter earlier than planned, buying a snow suit (maroon, not pink!), hat and mittens.  She liked the hat and mittens snowhatandmittens3enough that she wandered around the house in them for a bit.  We also had lunch at Friendly’s (mac and cheese and brocolli for Elisa…and she even ate off the plate without picking up the plate!) and shopped for a few things for Mommy.

We did miss Daddy, though.  Elisa waved a big goodbye to Daddy Wednesday morning.  Thursday afternoon Elisa started waving and smiling at Daddy’s picture on the wall.  So Mommy took down the picture and let Elisa look at it and daddyspicture5she carried it around for a while, eventually secreting it in the bottom of the end table in the living room. (Mommy didn’t find it until Elisa brought it back out later!) 

Elisa is still teething on her 1st year molars and as of Thursday, the top two had started to break through.  In the process, Elisa has been running a low grade fever on and off for the past week and having sudden unexpected moments of pain.  So she will be happy and grinning, especially now that she has started to deliberately smile and wrinkle her eyes, and then will yell.  This has a side benefit for Mommy, since Elisa has taken to bringing books to Mommy or Daddy when she isn’t feeling as well and cuddling.  With teething, we have even made it through multiple stories at one sitting.

standingattabletoastMommy has indulged Elisa just a little while Daddy was away.   Elisa has continued to get much more fluent at climbing up on the dining room chairs.  So she is frequently up and down two or three times in the time it take Mommy to get breakfast (i.e. cereal and juice).  Friday, Mommy allowed Elisa to eat her toast and banana while standing on a chair.  Elisa also managed to get a knife from further in on the table and speared her toast so she worked a little at toast on a stick.  Elisa has been working on getting more fluent with silverware, sometimes having good success with a fork and macaroni and other times (most of the time!) picking up food with the fork and then using her fingers to take the food from the fork to her mouth.


Elisa also continues to climb and clamber more.  This morning, she made it onto the coffee table on her own.  The other day she crawled under the chair which has cross bars about 8 inches off the ground.  Her dancing has become much more varied, including stomping her feet one after another, swaying from side to side (even in a stroller in the mall to background music), waving arms in the air from side to side and “singing” as well as the regular bending at the knees.  Despite the fussiness with teething, she is a very happy girl – and she likes being happy!  We enjoy her playful and cheerful spirit! 

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