Climbing and Communicating

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sunglassessmilingWe continue to be amazed how quickly Elisa changes!  She is now 14 months and it was just 6-7 weeks ago she was introduced to milk and it seems like ages ago!  Since then she has also learned to drink from a straw, which leads to better sippy cups and less spilled milk.  Elisa has no new teeth, but the gums are swelling with molars coming and as a result have been constantly drooling for more than a week.

hoodedElisasmilingredeyeThis week she has taken her climbing skills to new levels.  For a week or two, she has enjoyed getting up on the little two-shelf shoe rack and this week she has mastered climbing onto a dining room chair by using the rungs on the chair.  (At first she was stepping up on a little box.)  The table is no longer a safe place to leave anything because she wants to climb from the chair to the table!

TiesdisplayedElisa is also getting better at putting objects in their places, like the pieces for her fridge farm and the alphabet tiles in her Croc.  In another sense, she is definitely learning to pick up (though not always doing it.)  She has a bin for her bath toys that goes under the towel stand in the bathroom which she has been taking out and dumping (on the floor, into the bathtub, in the hall, etc.)  One morning this week, having dumped it out, mommy asked her to put the toys away and modeled with two of them.  At that point, she picked up every other toy to put it away and then carried the bin to its place in the bathroom.

Elisa has also gained a couple new words.   She clearly started saying “ki” for kitty by mid-September.  “Dog” is her current favorite.  We taught her this since she was applying “ki” to the neighbor dog and now she is applying “dog” to cats and bears and all sorts of animals.  Today she came home and said “uh-oh” a couple times when she had dropped something – a word I’m sure she learned from a 17-month old girl she spends half her days with!

LetchworthwaterfallcloseupWhat is most surprising is the amount of understanding she has even though she has few words.  Early on, she would bring us our shoes or her coat to hint that she wanted to go outside.  Recently, she has clearly caught on to words like “piano,” “music,” “bath” and “outside,” knowing certain places in the house associated with these words.  Most surprising are the times that she will respond to complex commands.  Last weekend, Andrew wadded up a plastic bag with a hole and asked her to throw it away, noting that she was allowed to throw it away since we normally discourage use of the trash (since desirable things tend to be added…).   She took the bag, deliberately set off the 8 feet to the trash can, opened the lid and put the bag inside and, when Andrew requested it, she shut the lid of the trash can rather than continue to play in it.

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