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hi there mommy.jpgWe are enjoying the new discoveries of Elisa’s personality and traits every day!  She greatly enjoys cameras, which makes it difficult to get candids.  When she hears the camera turn on or sees the lens, she is immediately focused on it and usually comes toward the camera, ready to crawl up into the lap of whomever is using the camera.   In this picture, not only is she ready to climb up into Mommy’s lap, but she has stuck her tongue to one side of her top teeth, something she has been doing the last few days – possibly related to some teething! 


one shoe on and one shoe off 3.jpgShe has been exploring her clothing as well.  She has long been interested in her shoes, chewing on them not unlike a puppy.  She frequently gets one of her shoes off, but rather than leave it behind, she picks up the shoe and carries it with her.  She will often take the shoe and put it in the seat of her playstation as one of her treasures.  pants off carrying.jpgA couple weeks ago she got her pants off for the first time.  Of course, she is always stepping on the hem of her pants and pulling them down, so that helped the process!  Not content with getting them off, the pants also became a treasure that were carried around and around the playstation and then on around the room!


Elisa enjoys looking under things.  She sometimes stops to look under hertruck maintenance.jpg playstation and has tipped over her truck numerous times and played with the wheels!  Of course, she has had a number of opportunities to work with Daddy on various projects (most to baby proof the house!).  Once Daddy took apart an old hard drive or two to satisfy his own curiosity and Elisa sat fascinated the whole time.  Maybe there is a bit of an engineer in there!

eating bread.jpgThe amount and types of food Elisa eats is also growing rapidly, many times at her initiative rather than ours!  In the picture, she has co-opted some fresh baked bread that Daddy was handing to Mommy, only to discover that Mommy wasn’t paying attention and another hand had intervened.  She did an excellent job eating the bread!  Today she filched an apple slice from mommy’s lunch and put her teeth to work, gnawing at the slice and eating (or at least biting off and dropping on the floor) about 3/4 of it.  She has been eating grape, pear and blueberry pieces for  a while as well as crackers, Cheerios, and other cereal-based finger foods.   We haven’t found any food that she refuses!  In fact, she watches every bite that goes into our mouths when she isn’t preoccupied with her own food and has climbed on top of book lying next to Daddy’s chair to see what he was eating (not unlike the cat!).  pinecone hand distraction.jpgThe only issue with eating is keeping her hands busy!  She likes finger foods so much that just having Mommy or Daddy spoon-feed her isn’t satisfying.  Therefore, she frequently has finger food to eat and we wait for a piece of food before giving the next spoonful.  The other option is to give her something like a spoon to occupy her hands so she doesn’t miss the finger foods. Yesterday she had discovered a pine cone outside and with one hand held the pine cone and with the other an extra spoon – this meant a few minutes of undistracted spoon-feeding!

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