Pack rat

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storage seat.jpgRecently, Elisa has showed a tendency to pick up her parents pack rat habits.  Besides enjoying paper from day one (of course, she prefers to eat it or crinkle it rather than read it), she is now collecting objects in a couple different places. 

She has been using the seat of her playstation to carry toys while she pushes the seat around for a month.  However, she usually takes the toy back out.  Yesterday,  she had the electronic metronome (she likes the blinking light and sound), her favorite noise-making toy, a cardboard box a bible came in that she had filched from a book shelf, and the birth announcement of her second cousin Zachary in her seat pushing it around.  She even had the birth announcement set up so she could nicely see the pictures as she pushed – although I don’t think it was intentional since the big photo was upside-down!  Of course, keeping these things in a seat with leg holes provides a challenge – and keeps her occupied picking things up!

truck storage.jpgHer Tonka push truck has also become a collection spot.  At first it was very much for toys – the plastic blocks that came with the truck and a couple soft activity blocks.  However, it has now collected an envelope (filched from the trash…), her Elmo music toy (the first thing she has ever danced to), her Lamaze peacock, and a few other things on occasion. 

In both cases, she ends up looking like a baby bag lady pushing her shopping cart – but it is good to know that she is picking favorites and thinking about how to have them with her!  This even gives hope that someday she will put things away rather than just take them out!  Thankfully she seems to want Mommy and Daddy with her, too – and she hasn’t tried putting us in her storage spots yet!

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