Fire and Water

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fire truck Elisa and Donovan looking.jpgElisa and her cousin Donovan have been having fun together – well, at least most of the time!  Besides heading to church, our two big “outings” have been to the fire station when they were having an open house and to the backyard to play in the pool.  Both trips were definitely a success, with Donovan more able to enjoy the fire trucks and Elisa revelling in her first time in a wading pool.


fire truck hands on window Donovan and Jeff.jpgBoth kids had fun sitting in the fire trucks, with Donovan really getting into steering and wandering around the back of the fire truck to look at things.  It was also a great time to hang out with his Daddy! 

fire truck Elisa drive one-handed.jpgElisa wasn’t quite aware of what to do with a steering wheel (who knows if she’s ever noticed one before since she fire truck Donovan and Daddy sitting.jpgstill rides backwards!), but she did put her hands on the wheel.  Both kids were adorable sitting in the old fashioned fire engine.


pool screech splash.jpgThe pool was – pun intended – a big splash.  We had a nice cool spot in the shade for the adults on a sultry day.  Elisa got in and immediately started splashing with great exuberance.  She ended up basically in the pool for 45 minutes, just getting out a few times.  Donovan was much more in and out, running around the yard and heading into the house once or twice.  swimsuit clapping glee.jpgStill, they both had a lot of fun!  Elisa is fearless around water, crawling around in it and a couple times diving in face first.  The first time she scared herself a little and appreciated intervention and reassurance but the second time she pushed herself up immediately, sputtered a little and went right back to playing.  Donovan was more interested in the toys than the actual water.  He played with the bath toys and the balls and netted rackets we had.  Once Elisa got hold of the rackets, the nets were quickly detached and used for her signature over the head and across the neck/back move.


pool Donovan dripping.JPG

starting to climb out.JPG





bath plug big eyes.jpgThe two have also enjoyed bathtime together (except fighting over the toys – any maybe they enjoy that).  Donovan gets placed toward the drain since Elisa really likes pulling out the bath plug.  And yes, that goes over the head and around the neck, too!  There are more pictures, but many of them are not suitable for publication!

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