Elisa and Ink at 9+ months

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petting kitty gently 2.jpgInk has wisely been wary of Elisa since the beginning.  As she is becoming more mobile and more responsive to direction (we won’t go so far as to say she follows her parents directions), he is becoming both quicker to run away and more willing to stay close!

We have been working on “gentle!” with Elisa, helping her to pet Ink when he is sitting and calm.  These pictures were taken a Sabbath afternoon that we came home from church in a thunderstorm and after dashing into the house, found a very scared cat.  As Ink cowered close, Elisa had a good opportunity to practice “gentle!” as we helped her pet him.  Of course, she would prefer to grab a nice fistful of hair, but she has been learning to keep her hands open and not in fists all the time – this also shows up in the fact that she finally learned to clap a couple weeks ago.  Before that she always kept her hands in fists and could never make the nice noises that she loved when Mommy and Daddy clapped!chasing kitty.jpg

Elisa enjoys watching Ink as he drinks water in the bathtub.  This is a favorite way to pass the time as Mommy is drying her hair or brushing her teeth.  It may not be Ink’s favorite way to pass the time, though, but he has learned to sneak in and of the tub quickly to avoid getting his tail pulled – because there isn’t anything as exciting as a long tail that moves!

Ink escaped to bookcase.jpgOf course, Ink does run away very well.  When Elisa starts creeping/crawling toward him (she hasn’t achieved a normal crawl) or walking along furniture, he can make a very quick escape.  Elisa has gotten her first scratch, though, and overall, relations between the two of them seem to be fine in the aftermath.  Hopefully Elisa is wiser as well, but we’re not sure about that since she still chases Ink!

When Ink really needs to get away, he goes outside or hops up on top of the bookcases via the back of the futon.  Sitting on top of the bookcases is new in the last couple months – so it is probably an Elisa- coping mechanism!

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