At Grandma and Grandpa Rood’s

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with Grandma Rood smile.jpgAs of Monday, Mommy and Elisa are visiting Grandpa and Grandma Rood in Minnesota.  Daddy will join us after SCSC training in Wisconsin for a couple more days to make a total of almost two weeks.  Uncle Jeff and cousin Donovan are here now for a week, too, so we’re having a big family party!  Elisa is charming her family (even though it took 16 hours after Jeff and Donovan got here for them to see Elisa because of mixed sleep schedules from different time zones!) and meeting some of Mommy’s friends from church and college.

We all drove overnight Saturday to Milton, WI with Elisa sleeping almost the whole way (except for brief waking overnight every time we stopped!) lanyard over the shoulder.jpgand showing off for folks she met in the rest area where we had breakfast.  We then rested with our friends the Lawtons for the day and on Monday, Daddy went to SCSC training and Mommy and Elisa went to Minnesota – another good trip.  Elisa has done a very good job adjusting to a new place and seems to have some memory of Grandpa and Grandma from Christmas.  So far, some of her favorites are playing with Grandma’s lanyard (everything goes over her head and around her neck anyway!) and dancing to the Toddler songs Grandma bought.  We’ve also wandered to the nearby school playground, but pea gravel is currently not a good match for Elisa.

tic tac toe with grandma.jpgWe have been up to St. Olaf and saw one of Mommy’s mentors and Elisa, besides being charming, also proved that she is starting to obey Mommy.  In a very non-childproofed environment, Grandma saw Elisa heading for a mousetrap and when Mommy said no she immediately stopped and turned around!!  Mommy was so proud – and she repeated this feat the next day when she stopped before putting her fingers in a fan when Mommy said no!  After our visit to St. Olaf we went to a Chinese restaurant and Elisa made a good friend.  One of the waitresses came over to Elisa to say hi, touching her head and arm and talking to her, and Elisa soon was ecstatic to see her.  She would see her 20 feet away and just starting screaming with glee – a reaction we’ve not seen to anyone else!  She even let the waitress pick her up and hold her while Grandma was nearby and Mommy went to wash the bib.  (The previous day she’d screamed bloody murder to be left with Grandma while Mommy showered.)

One milestone since coming here is we have finally gotten sippy cup success!  She has had problems with the valves and even those without the valves never quite clicked with her.  So Mommy bought a couple new sippy cups on Tuesday and immediately she was drinking from the sippy cup almost exclusively.  We still do a bottle before bed – at least for another week – and she does still prefer the bottle, but she is already reaching for the sippy cup!  Now she only needs to learn to drink from it when not laying down (even though it is nice to have one activity in the day that you can expect her to stay in the same place for five minutes!)

bib laugh redeye.jpgYesterday, we met one of Mommy’s college roommates who has 2- and 4-year-old daughters.  Elisa, having no sense of personal space, was all over them and eventually they warmed up to her!  Elisa had fun shrieking with laughter and ate her first meal entirely of finger foods – bread (with crust!), watermelon, blueberries, cheese, and some puffs.  We have been making the transition to finger foods very quickly the last two days, going from Tuesday having two containers of baby food and some finger food to Wednesday having only one container of baby food to yesterday a meal without any baby food…and of course, Mommy had just bought baby food for the two weeks!  I’m sure it will still get used, but more slowly than originally thought!

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