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truck jaunty.jpgIt has been a few weeks of continued rapid development.  A few weeks ago, as she was starting to move more, we got her a truck to walk with and she immediately took it for a brisk walk the length of the family room.

Tuesday, May 5 Elisa took her first unsupported step.  She was probably as surprised as anyone!   She has let go before and stood for a second or two before grabbing hold again or getting down on hands and feet, but this time she let go and moved toward another person and then realized what she’d done, stopped and got down.  Friday May 9 , she also got up on her hands and knees – the first time she actually got her knees under her that we’ve seen.  Of course, she didn’t just rock back and forth but immediately moved forward one “step”!  She’s done each of these once or twice more in the past week.  This week, on Wednesday (May 13), she started pushing up to hands and feet.  To prove that this wasn’t an accident (the way the first step and crawling might have been), she spent the afternoon and evening repeatedly getting up onto hands and feet and has continued to do it. 

standing in crib 2 redeye.jpgToday (May 15), for the first time Mommy came into her room after a nap to find her standing in the crib!  With Mayterm, Elisa has been with the babysister until 1 and doesn’t seem to like napping there, so we have had nice long naps every afternoon this week – which is providential for mommy as she has a week’s worth of material to prepare for every morning!  Today Mommy was having a nap herself when Elisa woke up earlier than usual (after only 2 hours…).  Mommy awoke to Elisa laughing in her gleeful overexcited way.  Although she has become much more content as she wakes up – probably because she is able to move more – she doesn’t usually wake up laughing!  So it wasn’t a huge surprise to find her standing.  The picture was an attempt to recreate the experience – but she wasn’t very happy about the dramatic recreation.

bottle run redeye.jpgWe continue to expect that she could take off running at any moment  – and not just horizontally!

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