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pots and pans 2.jpgYesterday (Friday, May 8), Elisa learned to take pots and pans out of the cupboard.  Mommy was cooking and heard a sudden clatter at her feet and found that Elisa had a saucepan lid in hand.  We put it back…only to have it leave the cupboard again and again.  The third time it was followed by a metal pie plate and a heavy glass pie plate was in hand before Mommy got across the kitchen.  Therefore we moved out of the kitchen for a bit, bringing the lid and metal pie plate along with a wooden spoon for some fun!  The wooden spoon was a little long for good banging, but she learned to choke up on it eventually.  (She has since liked the wooden sppon well enough that she has taken it with her in the car – it is a little disconcerting to see a wooden spoon waving in the back seat!)  Later in the afternoon, she managed to get into the dish cupboard in the dining room (a  glass carafe) and the entertainment center (cords and batteries) in the family room.   vaccuumingWe will be installing latches ASAP…  We’ll see how soon she starts to enjoy removing books from shelves!

Earlier, Elisa enjoyed the vaccuum cleaner hose.  She has vaccuumed with Mommy a few times while riding in the Snugli.  Her other experience with the vaccuum cleaner is getting her nose sucked out (and in general she really doesn’t like it and starts crying when we sit down next to the vaccuum).  However, she is able to leave this experience behind her and enjoyed the vaccuum cleaner hose when it was in the living room.  She really enjoyed picking up the hose and working her way along it to the nozzle…which of course she wanted to put in her mouth! 

washing machine look.jpgElisa does get involved with laundry.  She happily grabs laundry out of the basket and helps dirty it more by putting it.  She also rides down to the basement in the laundry basket with mommy – and frequently laughs since she enjoys this – and then has enjoyed watching the washing machine go around and around and around.  I don’t think baby entertainment was one of our criteria in picking a front-loading washer…but we’ll take it as a happy side effect!  When mommy folds and hangs clothes in the bedroom, she frequently walks along the edge of the bed – and also tries to get around mommy to cords from the alarm clock and bedside lamp.

grabbing flowers.jpgShe also longs to help care for the plants – but her methods of caring mostly involve picking the flowers, whether she is inside or out.  At least today she didn’t immediately try to put the grass she was picking in her mouth, but just threw it away – because that’s always what happens when she tries to put it in her mouth anyway!

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