Where’s Elisa?

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peekaboo tilt.jpgElisa has started showing much more initative in playing her own games.  We have played peek-a-book with her for a while (from early on she liked holding her burp cloth over her face, so we would whisk it away) and for the last few weeks she’s been pretty good at taking off a burp cloth or something else we put over her face – we usually say “Where’s Elisa?” and she pulls it off – or pulling a burp cloth off mommy or daddy.  However, she has taken it to new heights, putting the burp cloth, bibs, hats, books, etc. over her face and laughing at us when she pulls it away.  She has also learned the value of suspense – she doesn’t always take the object away from her face the first time we ask sunglasses on head.jpg“Where’s Elisa?”!  This has also become messier since she will decide to put her bib over her face in the middle of a meal.  It is good that she doesn’t have too much hair yet!

Of course, she isn’t perfect at the game…sometimes the burp cloth doesn’t cover her eyes or she peeks around it.  This has had the side effect of her putting things on the top of her head (like the sunglasses here).  Sometimes I wonder if she thinks the game has more to do with covering her head than her eyes!  And this could bode poorly for hats, which are really necessary now that the weather is becoming sunny and she doesn’t have much hair!

We’re now starting to work on pattycake and although she has in no way figured it out, she gets much joy out of mommy or daddy patting her hands (her hands are usually curled up so it’s more like we put our hands around hers than matching palms).

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