Eight Months!

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hollywood starlet.jpgTomorrow Elisa is eight months old!  Her personality is definitely shining through at this point – even if she stills seems to be experimenting with our standard roles!  (Mommy and Daddy hope the hollywood starlet role doesn’t show up long term!)  Elisa is a very determined little girl and seems to have a longer attention span than expected from a 2/3-year old.  Of course, much of her determination is directed toward exploring things that we don’t want her to…  Today she was trying to get at cords on Daddy’s chair.  Having seen them from across the room, she wanted to walk holding Mommy’s hands to explore them more closely.  When Daddy got in front of the chair so she could no longer see the cords, she still kept trying to get around Daddy to get at them, occasionally distracted by his antics, but never for more than a few seconds.young pianist.jpg

She loves to laugh and is quite ticklish.  She has two laughs – one to show excitement when seeing people and things she likes and another to actually giggle.  Kitty cat gets most of the first (with much arm and leg waving if limbs are not currently needed for support), although she has many people who she greets with excitement at school and church.  Her giggle shows up most when she is being tickled.

She is also starting to talk, and does this with determination as well.  Her favorite sounds are Mmm (almost always when eating, but showing up with volume at other times), Dadadad… (unfortunately, not associated with Daddy yet), and frequently she skips consonants altogether to get a wah-wah or variations.  The last two are often delivered quite seriously and intently with furrowed brow, as if she is trying to communicate to us the great secrets of the world.  Too bad we don’t understand!

what mom.jpgShe continues to cruise further and faster, taking more risks as to how far she reaches to move between objects and how little she will hold on to.  Yesterday she decided to place her full weight on a baby 3 months older than her.  They were both at the edge of a coffee table and she turned to the little boy and transferred her whole weight onto his shoulders.  Let’s just say she isn’t shy…every baby she has met, she has been the one to make overtures of friendship and rather agressively moved toward them.  (Did we get an extrovert child?!?)  I suppose hanging out with a baby who is only one day younger 4 days a week might make her more social than the norm. 

We are very blessed by our little one!  And so thankful for all the help that we have in caring for her at church, school and from neighbors!

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